Joe Valachi

Picture of Joe Valachi

Date of Birth: 09/22/1903

Age: 67

Citizenship: United States


Joseph Valachi was born on September 22th 1903. Future gangster was not yet twenty years old when he was already quite famous burglar in the Bronx.

Further more. Soon Valachi was in the group of the famous mobster Vito Genovese, and over the next three decades, was under the wing of the famous godfather, as his personal driver. And not only.

In October 1963, the Joseph Valachi (Joe Valachi) announced Senator of Arkansas that the mafia does exist, and it is ready to provide the public information about its history, detailed data on the activities of the mafia, traditions and so on. In addition, Valachi has promised to provide substantial assistance in the investigation of hitherto unsolved crimes, as well as - to find some people of the underworld.

Indications Joseph Valachi (Joe Valachi) was broadcast on the radio, were shown on television and published in various media, infuriating and anger existing members of the Cosa Nostra.

Own stolznachimy act Joseph explained by the fact that all life is lived among the mafia was disastrous not only for the society as a whole, but especially for his family. Confessing to the crime and telling the details of mafia structures, Valachi sought to obtain assistance and protection of the United States government, as well as to avoid the death penalty for crimes committed.

In 1966, the year of Joseph Valachi (Joe Valachi), being in a prison cell, tried to commit suicide (he wanted to hang himself on an electrical extension cord, but he failed to do). And yet, death overtook him. Valachi died in prison five years later - a heart attack - April 3, 1971 year.

In 1968 the journalist Peter Maas collected all said Joseph Valachi (Joe Valachi) and published, presenting the public a book called The Valachi Papers. Later, the film was shot by the product of the Meuse.

At present, the name of Joseph Valachi (Joe Valachi) inscribed in bold letters in the list of the most prominent people of the underworld.