Joe Ball

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Date of Birth: 06/01/1896

Age: 42

Place of Birth: San Antonio

Citizenship: United States


Joseph D. Ball Dzho` `Born January 6, 1896, in San Antonio, Texas (San Antonio, Texas). After serving on the front lines in Europe during the Second World War Ball began trading in alcohol during Prohibition, liquor supplying any paying customers. When the ban on the sale of alcohol was withdrawn, Joseph opened a saloon called `Sociable Inn` in Elmendorf, Texas (Elmendorf, Texas).

He built a pond where contained five alligators, and urged the people to admire their pets, especially during their feeding. live cats and dogs were included in the diet of crocodiles. After a while in his neighborhood started to go missing women, including the bartender, the former girlfriend of Joe and his wife.

When two Bexar County deputy sheriff (Bexar) came to the Ball in 1938 with the intention to talk about the missing women, he pulled out a pistol from his cash register and committed suicide. According to one version, he shot himself in the heart, on the other - in the head. If Ball appeared before the court, and his guilt would be proven, it is likely he would have been sent directly to the electric chair.

Handyman named Clifford Wheeler (Clifford Wheeler) was an accomplice of Joseph. Clifford helped get rid of the bodies of two women who killed the owner of crocodiles. Accomplice showed where the remains of Hazel Brown (Hazel Brown) Gotthard and Minnie (Minnie Gotthard). He also has told authorities that Ball has killed at least 20 women, but alligators ate all the evidence. And yet there is no conclusive evidence that fed the crocodiles Ball victims.

There are few written sources that confirm that Joseph crime - not fiction. News editor Michael Hall (Michael Hall) is deeply studied the history of the `Butcher of Elmendorfa` in 2002, published their findings in the American Journal` Texas Mont`.

The horror film `Eaten zazhivo` (` Eaten Alive`) directed by Tobe Hooper (Tobe Hooper) appeared inspired by the story of Joe Boll.

The actual existence of the long-Joseph is questionable, but it is in Texas folklore - a figure more than known.

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