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Year of birth : 1876

Age: 139 years

Citizenship : United States

Who invented the first men`s briefs, briefs ?

`Jockey International, Inc.` - American manufacturer of hosiery, underwear and pajamas for men, women and children. The company is based in Kenosha, Wisconsin (Kenosha, Wisconsin). The company `Jockey` known forthat in 1934 he invented the first men`s briefs, briefs (or fusion) , the sale of which began in 1935. Currently, the brand `Jockey` products are sold in 120 countries.

The history of the company began with the fact that in 1876 Samuel Cooper Troll (Samuel Thrall Cooper) founded the company `S.T. Cooper & Sons`, which became the forerunner of `Jockey`.It was a small business for the production of hosiery in St. Joseph, Michigan (St. Joseph, Michigan), focused on the local lumberjacks, who were suffering from nasty quality socks are sold there. meet human need for comfort - thus, one of the main principles of the company was formed.

By 1878, `S.T.Cooper & Sons` already produced 2500 pairs of seamless socks and stockings every day.

In the next 25 years business management passed to his sons Cooper, Charlie (Charles Cooper), Henry (Henry Cooper) and Willis (Willis Cooper).

In 1897, a new brand of `Black Cat` - hosiery for men, women and children, and in 1898m brothers launched a completely new direction for the company, men`s underwear.

In 1900 the company `Cooper Underwear Company` appeared underwear brand ` White Cat` was registered, and in 1902 completed the construction of a new factory for the production of underwear - this place still serves as headquarters `Jockey International, Inc. `. In 1912, the company has patented a set of underwear under the name `Kenosha Klosed Krotch`, which sold much faster than the factory time to produce it. Then Coopers hired Joseph Leyendecker (Joseph C. Leyendecker), illustrator of `The Saturday Evening Post`, who created the ` Man on chemodane` ,Sample classic American branding.

In 1929 `Cooper Underwear Company` changed its name to ` Cooper`s, Inc.` and developed a new kind of underwear - briefs in the form of shorts and a T-shirt without sleeves - and packed them into clear cellophane bags, for the first time in the history of the linen industry and trade. In spite of the glorious past ,1934 `Cooper`s, Inc.` nearly went bankrupt as a result of the Great Depression and resorted to restructuring.

Fortunately, in 1934 Knaybler Arthur (Arthur Kneibler), one of the company executives received from the French Riviera (French Riviera) a postcard with a picture of a man in a bathing suit bikini type. Simple card inspired by the company for the invention of an entirely new type of underwear. In 1935, the company started selling the model `Jockey short` huge volumes. On the day when sales began, the Chicago department store `Marshall Field & Company` sold 600 packages by noon and 12 000 for the next week. So cowards became a national sensation. In the same year there was a model `Jockey Y-Front brief` and then surpassed its predecessor. In 1936, started the laundry exports to Canada (Canada) and Europe (Europe), then the license scattered over Europe, South America (South America), Asia (Asia) and Africa (Africa).

In 1947m company came up with another innovation - for the first time on an elastic braid at the waist panties brand name appeared. In 1954, advertising `Cooper`s` appeared in the first issue of the famous magazine ` Sports Illustrated`, and in 1958 published their first television commercial.

In 1971, the company changed its name to `Jockey Menswear, Inc.`, And in 1972 - at the ` Jockey International, Inc.`.

In 1982, the company introduced to the market is incredibly popular model `Jockey for Her`.

In 2000, the `Jockey` became one of the first companies to sell their products directly over the Internet. The company worked on the creation of brand `Life` and ` Formfit` for the department store chain `Wal-Mart` and ` Target`.The men`s line `Life` continues to exist to this day, but the female was closed in 2002.

In 2005, there was a division jockeyp2p.com, Sell products for women, including outer clothing, sportswear and accessories.

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