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Date of birth: 14.02.1979

Age: 30

Place of birth: Dijon

Citizenship: France


Author: Elena Murzina

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Jocelyne IWRM was born February 14, 1979 in Dijon, France. His father, Vincent Bofis, was an anesthesiologist. IWRM studied cinema and broadcasting in college Hector Berlioz at Vincennes, the eastern suburbs of Paris. He then entered the University of Nanterre University (graduate who, by the way, is the current President of France Nicolas Sarkozy) and received a bachelor`s degree in literature while studying cinema. However, he soon abandoned his studies and began professional career. He spent several months in the school of dramatic skill `Ecole des Enfants Terribles` and subsequently worked on several courses. Despite the fact that Zhoslbn received a good education, he always thought of himself as self-taught.

Debut Zhoslbna in the movie took place in 13 years when he played one of the main characters, the Duke of Anjou, in the historical drama Roger Planchon `Louis, the child-king `(Louis, enfant roi), 1992. The film was at the Cannes Film Festival 1993, where IWRM got his first agent. He starred in several costume dramas, including in the film `Lautrec` (Lautrec) of the same Plashona and, together with Nathalie Baye, in `Child Education `(L` enfant des lumieres) directed by Daniel Vinh on the novel by Francoise Chandernagore. Later, in 2007, he played a cruel Comte de Nanzaka drama director Laurent Bouton `Revenge of the poor` (Jacquou le Croquant), which takes place in the first third of the XIX century. In the same year the film came out Daniel Vinh `Jean de Lafontaine - a challenge to fate` (Jean de La Fontaine - Le defi) the turning point in the life of a rising star of French literature, where Jocelyne played the young Louis XIV.

In 2003, he played in the crime thriller `Glutton` (L `Outremangeur), in 2004 - in the drama` Higher School `(Grande ecole), on the set of which he met with Jocelyne French actress Alice Taglioni. They met all the time, and the couple had a son, Charlie 18 March 2009.

In 2005, IWRM was the role of a detective in the thriller `HEPT Empire of the Wolves` (L `empire des loups), where he played in a pair with Jean Reno. The film was accompanied by a great commercial success, which greatly helped the growth of career IWRM. He also participated in two films `oskaronosnyh` - historical drama` Elizaveta` (Elizabeth) 1998 and criticized handling of the political thriller `Siriana` (Syriana), in 2005, among the cast is George Clooney and Matt Damon.

The peak of creativity Jocelyne was a film based on the book by a contemporary writer Frederic Beigbeder frankov` `99 (99 francs), 2007. For Actor IWRM was nominated for` `Sezar` in the category Best Young akt

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