Joan Hikson

Picture of Joan Hikson

Date of Birth: 08/05/1906

Age: 92

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Joan Hickson was born August 5, 1906 in Kingstorpe, UK. After theatrical debut in 1927 while she toured the UK, and the first success came to her in the mid-1940s after its comedic roles in London`s West End.

Her film debut took place in 1934 in the British comedy "The problem in the shop" and then she went on an active film career, filming mostly in comic roles.

In 1946, Joan Hickson drew the attention of Agatha Christie, gazing in the theater staging their own play "Appointment with Death". The writer wrote the actress: "I hope that one day you will play my dear Miss Marple." The second time Joan confronted with a work of Christie in 1961 when Miss Kidder played the role in the film "The 4:50 from Paddington" where the performer of the role of Miss Marple was Margaret Rutherford.

In individual years, she continued to work in film, starring in many British films and in the theater, achieving great success in 1979, where she won the award "Tony".

In 1984, the BBC began airing television films about Miss Marple and the main role was invited by Joan Hickson. She played Miss Marple in all 12 film adaptations of novels by Agatha Christie, which lasted until 1992 survey year. During all this time, Joan twice became the nominee for a BAFTA Award, and was introduced by Queen Elizabeth II in the rank of Officer of the British Empire.

Joan Hickson died October 17, 1998 in Colchester at the age of 92 years.

Selected filmography

1934 - The widow of force - Burroughs

1936 - The man who performed miracles - Effie Brikman1948 - Happiness only for William - mother of Hubert

1950 - Seven days before midday - Mrs. Puckett

1951 - Magic Box - Mrs. Stakeli

1956 - The man who has never been - the hostess

1959 - The 39 Steps - Miss Dobson

1960 - Lilliputians and giants - patient surgery doctor Gulliver

1961 - at 4:50 from Paddington - Mrs. Kidder

1963 - Heaven above us - a housewife

1973 - Blood Theatre - Mrs. Sprout

1979 - Yankee - Mrs. Moody

1983 - villain - Aunt Agatha

1986 - King of the wind - Duchess of Marlborough

1993 - Centennial - Mrs. Uitviver