Joachim Gauck

Picture of Joachim Gauck

Date of Birth: 01/24/1940

Age: 76

Place of birth: Rostock

Citizenship: Germany


Joachim Gauck was born to a ship`s captain, and then his father became a naval officer. Joachim`s mother was a trained office worker. His mother was a member of the Nazi Party in 1932, his father - in 1934. At the end of World War II, my father was in British captivity, where he returned in the summer of 1946 Rostock. He began working on the Rostock shipyard inspector on labor protection. In 1951, he was arrested on charges of spying for Western countries, as well as in anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda. However, in an open trial was sentenced, he was not simply "disappeared" and the family did not know anything about his fate until 1955, when he was released after the visit of Konrad Adenauer to the USSR. Arrest and detention of his father greatly influenced the political views of Joachim. Already in school, he did not hide his anti-communist positions resolutely refused, in particular, to join the ranks of the pro-Union of the Free German Youth. He wanted to become a journalist, but anti-communist views closed to him the opportunity to study journalism. Instead, Gauck became the pastor of a Protestant church in Mecklenburg. Activities pastor in East Germany was very difficult because of the hostility of the regime to the church, so Gauck has long been under surveillance by the Ministry of State Security of the GDR. The dossier on him Gauck was characterized as "an incorrigible anti-Communist