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Date of birth: 15.09.1972

Age: 44

Place of birth: Isleworth

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Jimmy Carr: Black humor

Author: Alexei Bulatov

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James `Dzhimmi` Carr was born on 15 September 1972 in Isleworth, West London, England. He attended high school and Burnham School of the RGS, with rugby player Matt Dawson, before you hit the College of Gonville & Caius, one of the colleges of Cambridge University.

A former employee of a marketing services company `` Shell Oil, James began his career as a comedian in 2000. Having earned a reputation for honors `stand-up` gum, Carr began to take part in various TV shows Channel 4 and has become the leading game `8 Out of 10 Cats`. The channel of Channel 4 game show Carr is `Distraction` and` Your Face or Mine? `. For his work leading the game `Distraction` comedian was nominated for the prize of` Rose d`Or` in 2006. He also led the program channel such as` 100 Worst Pop Records `` 100 Worst Britons `` 100 greatest cartoon characters `` 100 people, most similar to Jimmy Carr `and` `100zhutkih moments.

While working with his father at JC Productions, Carr made his first experimental short film at the British studio `Pinewood`, which starred Craig Charles, Roy Dotris himself. His mockumentary called `The Colour of Funny`.

In 2003, Carr appeared in the music video for the Christmas song `Proper Crimbo` of comedy program` Bo` Selecta`.

Taking a year only five weeks off, Carr constantly on tour as a comedian improvisational genre. He appeared on the show `Charm Offensive` Edinburgh Festival, which resulted in a five star articles about it in the four most influential newspapers. In 2004, with her solo number Carr became a member of the comedy festival in Leicester and the festival `Cat Laughs`, along with a performance at the Theatre of Bloomsbury, where he made his first DVD. Starting on 9 April 2005, Jimmy otpravilsyav tour of the country with his show `` The public demonstration of love. In August of 2006, we began a new tour, `Gag Reflex`, for which he was awarded the prize `British Comedy Award`.

Jimmy said he plans to be the first comedian, who will speak for the online game `Second Life`, million-three-dimensional virtual world where everyone can live their second life.

In the online survey of 2007, Channel 4, collecting highscore hundred greatest comedians of the genre `stand-up kamedi` Carr took 12th place.

Some tabloids condemned Carr joke about British soldiers who lost limbs in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then do publications came under criticism for making a false statement, writing that the public has responded seriously stunned silence. Jimmy found himself thrust his `absolutely priemlemym`, having a tendency to joke about the disabled and rape.

During svoegovystupleniya on BBC Jimmy he said that the years to 25 he was a Christian, to the 26 remaining virgin iz-za their faith. When he became acquainted with the work of Richard Dawkins, it has denied the faith and became an atheist. He said that religion restricts the freedom of people to live their own lives.

In March 2004, Carr`s father, is obliged to himself his millions, was arrested by the city police, after Jim Carr and his brother Colin blamed his father in pursuit. Mr Carr was acquitted of all charges, received a written apology from the Crown Prosecution Service and an apology from the Metropolitan Police, and he was paid financial compensation for false arrest and false accusation of criminal prosecution.

Currently Carr lives in North London with his girlfriend, Caroline Copping, who works on the TV channel Five.

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