Jill Bennett

Picture of Jill Bennett

Date of Birth: 12/24/1931

Age: 59

Place of birth: Penang

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Jill Bennett was born on 24 December 1931, in the Malaysian state of Penang. Her parents were of British origin, and were extremely educated persons. It is because their daughter - at the time - also received a good education. Initially, Gill studied at a specialized school for girls, and after - at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Bloomsbury (in one of the most prestigious schools in England).

The talent of the young actress was obvious - from the earliest years, Jill has demonstrated the ability to transform others. Okonchivobuchenie, Bennett began to take part in theatrical productions (first played minor roles).

This debut of actress held in 1949, the year in one of the famous British theater. She not only played the role perfectly, but also attracted the attention of fans of the theater, as well as - the leading filmmakers.

After some time, the actress Jill Bennett for the first time took part in the filming. This happened in 1952, the year. The film "Moulin Rouge", in which the actress played, proved fatal for Jill.

In the subsequent time - during the fifties and sixties - Jill Bennett actively acted in films. In addition, she was invited on television, where the actress performed a variety of roles - in the popular series. Actually. The image of Jill and her acting skills and abilities, contributed to request the leading figures of cinema and TV dovolno-taki often use its services and creativity.

It is unknown how long would the acting career of the actress, if not for her marriage with John Osborne, who turned out to be fatal.

For the first time the actress has become officially cohabiting with actor Godfrey Turley in the late forties, early fifties. They lived together for a while, and after - dispersed. Later, Jill Bennett married the writer Willis Hall, however, this relationship did not last long.

Nakonets-to actress had met with Osborne. Jill is not troubled by the fact that the writer was already married - three times, but in vain. Her husband was a true misogynist. Of course, they divorced, but the consequences of this marriage were incomparable to anything else. Severely suffered from depression, committed suicide by Jill - in 1990.

Author: Olga Dunchik

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