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Date of Birth: 04/26/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: Beijing

Nationality: China

Jet Li: Reactive legend of martial arts

The famous actor was born in 1963 under the name Lee Lyanztse. This happened in Beijing, in a poor family, where Lee was the youngest of five children. Their financial situation was very difficult, when in 1965 his father died. Lee recalled that his main entertainment was a trip to the cinema, with films that he saw first was the old Soviet picture of Lenin. In Lee I went to school a year later than its peers.

In the first summer vacation the whole class was sent to a training camp, where the boy met with wushu. After the change of the camp of the children it was recommended to continue single class. Persistent training gave an excellent result.

In 1972, Lee Lyanztse won the award `Best master` National Wushu Championships. After that, the boy stopped studying in ordinary schools and engaged in harder workouts. In 1974 he was selected for the national team of Wushu, which was sent to the United States. Performances of Chinese athletes, especially Lee lyantsza, praised President Nixon, and the young athlete, in turn, was shocked by American levels and lifestyle. In the same year he won first place in all-round events and exercises with a sword at the national Youth Wushu Championships.

In 12 years, the victory came in the qualifying tournament at the Third National Wushu Championships among adults, and then won it the first four places. It was the beginning of a victorious path lyantsza Lee, who often went to travel abroad, confidently won in national competitions at various levels. On the success of the young athlete began to pay attention not only martial arts, but also filmmakers.

In 1981, Lee was invited to the shooting of the film `` Shaolin Temple, after taking part in which was given the nickname `` reactive, ie, Jet, became his name. However, Lee participated in the shooting and his teammate Huang Qun, his future wife. The picture was a huge success, not only in China, but also abroad, especially in the USSR, where it has become a demonstration of the impetus for the mass enthusiasm in martial arts, which is still ongoing.

In 1983 and 1986. on the screen came the continuation of the cycle of Shaolin. But on the set of the third film was a conflict with the director Lee, after which the athlete has decided that he can take pictures just as good. However, released in theaters in 1987, his film `` Born to Defence had no success with the audience, and the Lee got on the set of a serious injury. At this time, he made unsuccessful attempts to move to the US, and then starred in the films `` Eastern Dragons (1988) and `` Battle of the Dragons (1989). During the shooting of the second of these paintings Jet Li met with Hong Kong actress Nina Li Chi. After 10 years, she became his wife and gave birth to a daughter, Jane (2000) and his son Dzhazhu (2003).

The big event in the life of Jet Li was znakomstvos acclaimed director Tsui Hark and starring role in historical film `` Once in China, were among the best Hong Kong movies. The story of the healer and master of kung fu Vaughn Feyhuna by Jet Li was shown in the subsequent films in this series, published in 1992 and 1993. In parallel with these works Jet Li starred in the tapes `` Legend of the Swordsman (1992), the first and second films `Legend of the background Sai Yuke `(1993),` `Red Dragon (1994) and OE

In 1998, a talented actor and a brilliant athlete received an invitation from Hollywood. After a lot of goodies he had to play a villain Wang Xing Qu in the fourth edition of `` Lethal Weapon (1998).

Hollywood period, Jet Li has been very successful, he starred in such films as `` Romeo Must Die (2000), `` Kiss of the Dragon (2001), `From the cradle to the grave` (2003). Jet Li was invited to the casting of such a cult film like `Matritsa`, but the actor did not want to take part in computerized surveys. As for the famous `Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon `, the Jet refused to shoot it because I wanted to be with his wife expecting a child.

In 2004, the actor and his family vacationing in the Maldives. When there was the infamous tsunami, the network has information about the death of Jet Li, which, fortunately, proved to be incorrect.

Follow Hollywood period of the master wushu included the films` Unleashed `(2005), `War` (2007), the sequel `The Mummy` (2008) and `The Forbidden Kingdom` (2008), where his partner was made by Jackie Chan. Simultaneously, Lee starred in the Hong Kong film `` Fearless (2006) and `` Warlords (2007), where his performance as General Pang Qi Yun noted Hong Kong Film Academy Award. In 2009, Jet Li has become a citizen of Singapore. The list of his works, in which he starred with Hollywood celebrities, supplemented by a series of paintings `Neuderzhimye` (2010, 2012, 2014). Departs from the usual roles of fight Geta was the film `` Ocean Heaven (2010), where he played the father of a child with autism and never demonstrated fighting techniques (and almost did not get a reward for shooting).

The great interest of viewers around the world called the film `The Sorcerer and the White Snake` (2011), filmed gonkogskim director Ching Siu-tung based on Chinese legends. The latest to date, the work of Jet Li was the third film in the series `` xXx titled under the name of `` Return of Xander Keyndzha where it is removed together with Vin Diesel. Rental of this work is scheduled for 2017. I wonder what he sees Jet Li martial arts art more as a philosophical concept, a way of understanding the world and achieve inner harmony, rather than as self-defense skills. Confessing the Tibetan branch of Buddhism, the actor personally met with the Dalai Lama, although it does not share the idea of ??Tibetan independence.

Author: Antonin Balakina

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