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Age: 28

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Maxim Mordvinians

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Jessie Cave was born in 1987 in London and was the second child in the family (of Jesse three brothers and two sisters). Her father was a general practitioner and his mother -domohozyaykoy. After graduating from high school Jessie Cave he entered the University of Kingston, where she studied illustration and animation and, having studied a few semesters, transferred to the University of Manchester, at the Faculty of English Language and Literature. The family was not rich girl, so that she herself had to earn his tuition. By not only visited Jesse for years of the study: the nurse, and the promoter, and one time she even took part in the election of the company, urging their peers to enter the army to help bring democracy to the suffering people of Iraq.

In addition, the girl from childhood was fond of tennis and swimming, and a few months seriously thought about a professional career. So maybe, Jesse would be glorified and England and the queen, winning, for example, a gold medal in swimming at the Olympic Games, if one has not got to the casting for the next episode of the popular British television series "Summerhill".

The role of Jesse was not the main, but the pretty young actress noticed and invited to film the movie "Inkheart" with Helen Mirren. The role of Jesse was very tiny, so her name is not even got to the final credits. However, and two roles in 20 years - not a bad result, and yet Jesse wanted more: she wanted to bathe in the glory, dreamed of a crowd of fans and paparazzi, sitting in a tree near her home in hopes of making a good shot.

C these thoughts every week young actress attended various auditions, until, finally, she did not smile a real success: she won the role of Lavender Brown in the new Harry Potter movie, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." On the role of claim 7 000konkursantok! Initially, producers have stated that the acting experience is not a prerequisite for the candidates, but it is in the role of "Summerhill" and "Inkheart" Jesse helped win.

On the set of "Harry Potter" was held and the first cinematic kiss the actress. "I am very shy because kissing had on the third day of shooting" - modestly downcast eyes, says Jesse. - Generally speaking, the work on "Harry Potter" was amazing. A few days later I was fully immersed in the world of the fairy tale. "

The premiere of the new series "Harry Potter" is scheduled for summer 2009.

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