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Date of Birth: 08/11/1988

Age: 28

Place of Birth: Vancouver

Citizenship: Canada


Born and raised Jessica Lowndes in Vancouver, British Columbia (Vancouver, British Columbia). She studied at a private Christian school in suburban Surrey, British Columbia (Surrey, British Columbia). Interest in the case of the cast completely woke her suddenly - while walking with her mother at the store Jessica suddenly decided to take part in the audition. Role Lowndes did not get, but the agent has acquired - and quickly began performing at a professional level. Jessica`s career took off after she caught the eye of producers Vancouver project `Masters`.

Lowndes made her debut in the film `Saving Milly `(` Saving Milly `), released in theaters in 2005; at about the same time the actress has played a number of small roles in television series Masters of Horror `` ( `Masters of Horror`), `Kyle XY` ( `Kyle XY`) and `Alice, I Think`. His next film role - in the film `To Have and to Hold` - Jessica received only in 2006; in 2007, she starred in another TV show, `Pretty picture / krasivyy` (` Pretty / Handsome`).

The first really important role Lowndes won in 2008 - she was able to get the role of Mandy (Mandi) in the series `Universitet` (` Greek`); later that same year, Jessica has got a recurring role on the TV series` 90210 `- spin-off of the popular teen show 90 `Beverly Hills 90210` ( `Beverly Hills, 90210`). First character Lowndes - Adrianna Tate-Duncan (Adrianna Tate-Duncan) - appeared in the series only occasionally; in November 2008, she was promoted to permanent character. Adrianna was a teenager is quite difficult - not least because of drug problems; Jessica had to try to get used to this way - her drug previously encountered undershoots. Fans, however, in one voice say that the image of Lowndes coped brilliantly.

Adrianna Jessica plays to this day; however, only one `90210` her acting activity is not limited. Already in 2008, Lowndes starred in two horror films - `The Haunting of Molly Hartley `(` The Haunting of Molly Hartley `) and` autopsy `(` Autopsy `).

Jessica singing to some extent involved in all his life; serious interest in his singing, she managed to draw thanks to all the same `90210`. The pilot edition of the series heroine of her singing in a school production. Singing the audience had to taste; Lowndes realized that he could succeed and as a singer.

In March 2009, Jessica posted on her page in the `MySpace` composition` Fly Away`; she performed immediately as the author of the song, the soloist and guitarist. The contract with the record studieyLaunds could not be obtained immediately; however, the girl was not the slightest doubt that in the near future the situation will change. Kakoe-to while Jessica continued to hone his vocal skills in `90210` - so, in the episode `What` s Past is Prologue `Lowndes sang at the audition rock band song` `Jolene. In September 2009, Jessica sang on one of the matches `Dodgers` `God Bless America`. Finally, a major label is still interested in Lowndes; debut album was originally scheduled for the end of 2010. One only solo number is not limited to - the spring of 2011, Jessica took part in the recording of the composition `` Undone, performed Amelenom Jeremy (Jeremy Amelin), finalist of the French version of the TV show `American Idol` ( `American Idol`); It happened to her to sing also with the British rapper, known under the pseudonym Ironik.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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