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Sky AngelWhy does a child Jessica Alba often ill ? At what age she attended acting classes ? When was the film debut of Alba ? Which TV series has brought Jessica huge popularity ? As the films ` ` Lapochka` and City grehov` influenced her career? Why is the image of the actress hates ` sexual kukolki` and never removed naked ?And how to develop their relationship ?

Carier start

Jessica Alba was born on April 28, 1981 in the city of Pomona, California. Her father - an American of Mexican descent - served in the US Air Force, so the family moved often. His mother was a housewife, and education of children : daughter Jessica and son Joshua.

Of-the constant relocations Jessica was often ill. She several times a year diagnosed with pneumonia, was twice atelectasis, a cyst on the tonsils and other diseases. Apparently, this was due to climate change, because when the family returned to California, her health improved.

Jessica did not pay more attention to their studies, as believed inthat would be a movie star. Her passion for cinema began in 5 years, and in 12 it has already attended classes in acting. It is said that even then began to show an exotic beauty of an album that was a result of the mixing of genes Mexican father and a French-Canadian mother`s genes. This girl was impossible to overlook ,and soon she appeared in her own agent.

After high school, Jessica while attending drama school `Atlantic Theater Company`. In 1994, she made her film debut in the film ` The Lost lager`. Despite the fact that the role of Alba was a little girl, she had spent in the project about two months and managed to get the right connections. Jessica was invited to TV, where the road was open to young talents ever. She appeared in commercials `J. C. Penney` and `Nintendo`, played vneskolkih episodes of ` The Secret World of Alex Maquis, television project ` ` sensational Flipper` and Beverly Hills 90210`. In 1999, the debut album took place in Hollywood in the romantic comedy ` Netselovannaya`. In the same year with her participation came comedic horror film ` Hand - ubiytsa`. Given that her role was small, the actress could not attract the attention of the general public. But her first big success was quite a bit.

On the way to gloryCareer Jessica Alba has changed dramatically in 2000 when the 1200 contestants she was selected for the lead role in the television series ` Dark angel`. The project, directed by James Cameron, told a fantastic story about a female super-soldier Max Guevara and was first perceived skeptical. To the surprise of critics ,series gained enormous popularity and made ??an album known across America. Aspiring actress was awarded the biggest praise, ` Saturn` Award and a nomination for ` Golden globus`.

Due to the success of the series, Jessica was one of the most desirable women of America. It became known as the ` Heavenly angel` ,and in 2001 the magazine `Maxim` put it on the first place in the ` Hot 100`. An even greater popularity helped the actress participated in the films ` Lapochka` (2003) and` Grehov` City (2005) . Despite the fact that it was a completely different films, her roles were very similar.

The musical melodrama ` Lapochka` Jessica played a talented dancer Honey Daniels ,who works as a bartender and dreams of his own dance school

The ` City grehov` created graphic novel by Frank Miller, the actress has also performed the role of a dancer - an exotic stripper Nancy Callahan. These works have allowed more to say about the talent of Alba, which is easily played different characters. When ` City Grehov` Jessica Alba popularity peaked. The actress appeared on the cover of `Playboy`,` Maxim`, `People`,` Stuff`, `Empire`. Almost every year, it was added to the lists of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world. Such popularity would be glad to any girl, but not Jessica. She hated the image of ` sexual kukolki` and wants to be taken seriously as an actress.

Alba never removed naked. She refused the director ` Cities grehov` Robert Rodriguez and maintained this position until now. According to the actress, it is very important to her, and nothing could affect its decision.Even if it cost her a fortune.

Another film that made ??Jessica Alba is known, was the superhero thriller ` Fantastic chetverka` (2005) , created based on the comic book. For the role of Susan Storm actress nominated for two channel `MTV` Prize. In 2007 came a sequel - ` Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver serfera`. Despite the commercial success, the picture was destroyed by critics and is considered one of the most unfortunate in Alba`s career.

Last works

After several unsuccessful roles, Jessica Alba surprised everyone ,having played in the thriller ` biytsa inside menya` (2010) , directed by Michael Winterbottom. Alba Game was rated significantly higher than previous studies, and returned to her self-confidence. In the same year he took a romantic picture premiere Valentina` ` Holy Day, in which she starred with a whole galaxy of stars Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper ,Ann Hataway.

Recently, Jessica is occupied mainly in projects of Robert Rodriguez, co-operation which began with the film ` City Grehov`. He appeared in the films ` Machete` (2010) , ` 4` Spy Kids (2011) , ` ubivaet` Machete (2013) . In 2014 the long-awaited premiere of the film ` Sin City 2 : A woman ,Worth ubivat`. Alba has appeared again in the image of Nancy Callahan, avenging the death of his beloved.

Personal life Jessica Alba has always been a focus of the journalists. For a long time the actress met with Michael Weatherly - partner in the TV series ` Dark angel`. In 2001 Michael made ??Jessica proposalbut the wedding did not take place. Two years later, they parted.

In 2004, Alba met producer Cash Warren, who worked on the project ` Fantastic chetverka`. According to the actress, it was love at first sight. In 2007, they were married and now has two daughters : Honor Marie and Haven Garner. Jessica has been actively engaged in political life and charity. It has achieved its goal of becoming a movie star. Now, her goal - to make the world a better place

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