Jerzy Karol Buzek

Picture of Jerzy Karol Buzek

Date of Birth: 07/03/1940

Age: 76

Place of birth: Smilovits

Citizenship: Poland


Jerzy Buzek was born in a family of Lutherans in the town Smilovitse, Czech Republic (Smilovice, Czech Republic). Family Buzek has always taken an active part in Polish politics - especially during the operation of the Second Polish Republic. Shortly after World War II Buzek moved to Chorzow (Chorz & # 243; w).

Finished studying chemistry at the Faculty of Mechanics and Energy Silesian University of Technology (Silesian University of Technology), Buzek continued to do science, entered the Polish Academy of Sciences (Polish Academy of Sciences). Since 1997 he holds the position of professor; in addition, he has honorary doctorates from the universities of Seoul (Seoul) and Dortmund (Dortmund).

From 1997 to 2001 Buzek was prime minister of Poland. In 1998, for his work, he received the award Grzegorz Sticks (Grzegorz Palk) and was nominated for the title of European of the Year according to the Business Chamber of the Council of Europe (European Union Business Chambers) and the title of Man of the Year according to the Polish edition of the weekly `Wprost`.

In 2001, Buzek lost the parliamentary elections and the policy of the Polish left - which, however, did not stop him winning the 2004 elections to the European Parliament; Jerzy prefer to return to scientific work - he was able to become the provost is located in the city of Czestochowa (Cz & # 281; stochowa) Akademia Polonijna and professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Technology at the University of Opole (Opole University of Technology).

In the `80s Buzek was active in a number of democratic and anti-communist movements - both formal and podopolnyh. He is regularly engaged in work with trade unions iorganizovyval activities of the Czech underground; particularly active, he worked with Solidarity Group.

In the elections of 1997, Buzek was in the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish Parliament; Soon he managed to obtain the post of Prime Minister of Poland. In 1999, Buzek became chairman of the public movement AWS, and in 2001 - Chairman of the Solidarity Electoral Action coalition.

Elections to the European Parliament Buzek won practically by only one of its popularity - and personal appearances before the voters. Even in such unfavorable, it would seem, the situation, he was able to gain absolute record number of votes - 173 389, 22.14% of the votes in all the area. From 2004 to 2009, Jerzy Buzek was in the committees for the production, research, energy, environment, health and food security; uspelon participate in the work of the Central American and Ukrainian delegations.

June 7th 2009, Buzek was re-elected to the European Parliament; Again he was absolutely incredible number of votes - 393 117 or 42%. Just a month later he was elected chairman of the EU - 555 votes were cast for him. Buzek became the first representative of the former Eastern Bloc and the first former prime minister (from the time of Emilio Colombo (Emilio Colombo)), who held this post. Jerzy Buzek vowed that the priorities of its activities will be the struggle for human rights and the development of partnerships in the eastern region. Buzek takes office will have two and a half years - after that, according to the terms of the earlier political agreement, it will be replaced Social Democrat Martin Schulz (Martin Schulz).