Jerry Brudos

Picture of Jerry Brudos

Date of Birth: 01/31/1939

Age: 67

Place of birth: Webster

Citizenship: United States

Killer-shoe fetishist

Jerry Brudos (Jerome Henry `Jerry` Brudos) was born in 1939 in Webster, South Dakota (Webster, South Dakota), and was the youngest of four sons in a family. It is known that his mother, the much-anticipated birth of a girl, a child was trying to Jerry girly dresses, but overall was not too affectionate to the younger son. The family moved several times to different places in the North-western coast (Pacific Northwest).

For some time it became apparent that Jerry has some deviation in sexual terms - so its an absolute fetish were women`s shoes, and, moreover, it is not less interested and lingerie; Both he simply stole. As a teenager, he underwent a psychiatric treatment a couple of times.

At the age of 17 years Jerry threatened with a knife forced to pose naked girl in front of the camera, after which he was convicted and sent to compulsory treatment in the Oregon State Hospital (Oregon State Hospital). Released from the hospital he was nine months.

Brudosa diagnosis was unequivocal - schizophrenia, and in his sick head spinning thoughts of revenge, his mother`s fault, the fault of women in general, and all this interspersed with persistent and abnormal sexual fantasies.

Despite the diagnosis, Brudos managed to finish school, it was in 1957. He started working as an electrician, and in 1961 he married and settled in Salem, Oregon (Salem, Oregon); the family had two children. By the way, the wife of Jerry himself chose a very young - at the time of the wedding she was only 17 years old. It is known that he later repeatedly enjoyed his naked photo shoots wife, clad only in shoes with heels, while he was making her shots. But, of course, it was not a crime, and their crimes committed by Jerry Brudos later, in the years 1968 and 1969.

Thus, the victims began to Brudosa 4 girls.

Slouson Linda (Linda Slawson), sold at home books, disappeared after the goods offered - Encyclopedia - Jerry opened the door. It is known that he dragged the unfortunate in the basement, hit her with a stick and strangled. Later investigation revealed that he mocked the victim even after his death, including putting on her her things, and cut off his leg.

23-year-old Karen Sprinker (Karen Sprinker) met the maniac on the road - a girl`s car broke down. Above her body, hanging on a hook, Brudos sneered a few days before you get rid of the corpse. By the way, in all cases, their crimes Brudos was inclined to necrophilia.

The same terrible fate awaited and Jan Whitney (Jan Whitney) and Rabat Linda (Linda Salee), which became the last of his victims. However, there are cases and unsuccessful hunting criminals - so it escaped the girl gave police a description Brudosa.

Two years ended in the arrest of atrocities - Jerry Brudos confessed to all four murders, he was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

In prison, he died, it was March 28, 2008. The cause of his death turned out liver cancer, and death was recognized as a natural. By the time Brudos death in prison a long time record for the state of Oregon.

By the way, investigating the case Brudosa, experts have come to the conclusion that, in marrying their time not on a normal girl, and prone to masochism partner may Jerry Brudos never would have committed his worst crimes.