Jereboam Orville Beauchamp

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Date of Birth: 09/06/1802

Age: 23

Place of birth: Simpson County

Citizenship: United States


Bisch was born on the territory of Simpson County, Kentucky (Simpson County, Kentucky); He was the second son of Thomas (Thomas) and Sally (Sally Beauchamp). Parents Dzherebouema were prominent experts in religion; boy they named in honor of one of Thomas` brothers, Senator from Kentucky Washington County.

Up to 16 years Bisch studied at the local academy for boys. At some stage Dzherebouem realized that his father feed the family is simply not able; the boy decided to get the seller. This, of course, greatly helped to straighten out the financial situation of the family, but then added a new problem - at Bisham no time to actually study. On the recommendation of the head of the Academy, Dr. Benjamin Thurston (Benjamin Thurston), Dzherebouem got a mentor to the local school; having saved some money, he returned to the academy, and then settled in uzhev as a junior school teacher.

Fully Bisch training graduated 18 years; by the time he had already decided to become a lawyer. Among his colleagues have already taken place Dzherebouem especially respected Solomon Sharpe - reached their 30 years simply outstanding success in the legal field. Unfortunately, soon in his idol Bisch disappointed - there were rumors that a local woman, a certain Anna Cook (Anna Cooke), conceived by Solomon`s illegitimate child. The child was born already dead, but the stain on the reputation of the Sharpe still has laid down - although he denied all kinds of involvement in the baby.

In 1824 Bisch married Anna Cooke. A year later, Sharpe tried to take a seat in the Kentucky House of Representatives - and, of course, on the wave of political battles resurfaced story of a child born out of wedlock. Sharpe`s opponents have published allegedly belonged to him a statement that the child was a mulatto - and, consequently, his son was not; father of the baby, according to all the same statement was a black slave. Does Solomon something like that, it is difficult to say now; Dzherebouem, however, he took the insult to honor his wife seriously and vowed revenge.

To murder Bisch prepared conscientiously - he even got a black mask and attended a poisoned knife. Ambush Sharpe house, he waited for the return of the owner; early in the morning of November 7th Dzherebouem knocked on the door. Ultimately Bisch persuaded Solomon to open the door - and stuck his blade into his heart.

Bisham arrested a few days after the death of Sharpe - other suspects have investigators simply did not exist. Dzherebouem was sentenced to death by hanging. In the morning before the execution Bisham wife secretly he brought the knife to the prison; their spouses attempted a double suicide. Earlier Bisham already tried to commit suicide - with the help of laudanum, opium tincture on alcohol; chemicals, however, have not had the desired effect - indeed, jailers learned about suicidal plans signed and increased supervision over him. The knife, however, they are not noticed. Anna was conceived, Dzherebouemu - none; executioners had the hang of it before he died from blood loss. Before his death, Bisch asked to give him the opportunity to see his wife one last time; he, however, said that it failed to apply themselves serious injuries and is in hospital. The bodies of the couple were buried in a coffin general - according to their will.

Case Sharpe-Bisham caused at the time a lot of hype; it formed the basis of the unfinished works of Edgar Allan Poe (Edgar Allan Poe) `Politian` creation and Robert Penn Warren (Robert Penn Warren)` World Enough and Time`.

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