Jeorge Bidault

Picture of Jeorge Bidault

Date of Birth: 05/10/1899

Age: 83

Place of Birth: Moulin

Citizenship: France


By profession a teacher of history. In 1932 he founded the homeland of the Catholic Association of French Youth. Since 1934, the chief editor of the newspaper levokatolicheskoy L`Aube, pages which opposes fascism, dictatorship and anti-Semitism. In 1938, sharply opposed the signing of the Munich Agreement. Since the beginning of the 2nd World War in 1939 enlisted in the Army. He was captured and until July 1941 was in a POW camp. After his release, he moved to the unoccupied zone, where he founded an underground resistance group. He published an underground sheet resistance. From 1943 to August. 1944predsedatel National Resistance Council (Conseil National de la Resistance; CNR) - replaced arrested Jean Moulin. In fact, he led a resistance movement in France. One of the founders of the Catholic party "People`s Revolutionary Movement" (1944). Supervised uprising August 1944. After the entry of the French troops in Paris 25.08.1944 B. was appointed Foreign Minister in the Interim Government of Charles de Gaulle. Signed by Soviet-French Treaty of Mutual Assistance (1944). The founder of the first post-war centrist Party of - the Republican People`s Movement. At the same time from June 23 to Nov 28. 1946 Prime Minister. In July 1948 he retired. In 1949 he was elected deputy of the National Assembly of th. Subsequently, he held senior positions in the French government: Prime Minister (28.10 1949-24.6 1950), Defence Minister (August 1951-February 1952..), The Minister of Foreign Affairs (January 1953-June 1954.). France actively supports NATO membership. A supporter of the continuation of the war in Algeria in 1958 after coming to power of de Gaulle, committed to the provision of Algeria`s independence, was one of the opposition leaders. In 1958, he founded the right-wing party "French folk-Christian movement." After the formation of terrorist organizations Secret Battle (SLA) B. in 1961 formed the National Council of Resistance, which was the political wing of the SLA. Using the immunity as a deputy of the National Assembly, he could safely carry antigollistskuyu policy without fear of arrest. After the failed assassination attempt on de Gaulle in 1962 (in the preparation of which has been implicated B.) in 1963 he had to flee to Brazil. In 1968, B. was granted amnesty and was able to return to their homeland. Since 1977, honorary president of the Christian Democratic Party.