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Date of Birth: 10/11/1920

Age: 76

Place of Birth: Hollywood

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Jennifer Holt (Jennifer Holt, real name - Elizabeth Marshall Holt) was born in 1920 in Hollywood, California (Hollywood, California), USA, in a family of well-known actor Jack Holt (Jack Holt) and his wife, Margaret Woods (Margaret Woods). And Elizabeth (her name as a child), and her brother, Tim (Tim Holt, real name - Charles John Holt III) also became actors. At the age of 7 years, Elizabeth spent two and a half years in Belgium (Belgium), which went with her governess; trip, planned for 1 year, was stretched to two and a half times. When the girl returned home in 1931, her parents have divorced, Elizabetostalas with his mother. Acting, young Elizabeth studied with Russian actress Mary of the Assumption (Maria Ouspenskaya), in addition, she studied music and dreamed of becoming a singer. Neskotoroe time Holt played at Peterborough Players stage in New Hampshire (New Hampshire), appearing in productions of `The Babbitt`,` The Far Off Hills` and `Our Town`. Leaving the scene, she was looking for her acting success on Broadway, but later decided to still go back to Hollywood.

She made her debut on the silver screen young actress under the pseudonym Jacqueline Holt (Jacqueline Holt) in 1941, in the western, `Stick to Your Guns`. This was followed by a 6-year contract with the studio `Universal Pictures`, at that time in the credits of the paintings began to appear the name` Jennifer Holt`.

In 1942 she played in the 7 paintings by this time it was the Western genre specifically.

During his acting career, Jennifer has participated in more than 45 films, almost all of which (about 37 paintings) were westerns. Among the most popular films of the genre with Holt - `Private Buckaroo`, `Raiders of Sunset Pass`, `Guns of the Law`, `Trail of the Mounties` and many others. Among the directors with whom the actress had a chance to work - Edward F. Cline (Edward F. Cline), Lewis D. Collins (Lewis D. Collins), ElmerKlifton (Elmer Clifton).

There is in her filmography and several series - `The Adventures of Uncle Mistletoe` and` Panhandle Pete and Jennifer`. Career actress proved to be very short-lived - his last role, Jennifer Holt performed in 1950.

It is known that the actress was married to actor William Beykuellom (William Bakewell), with whom he played in 1946 in `Hop Harrigan`. It is also known that after her divorce from actor Jennifer married and still, but accurate information on this.

Actress died September 21, 1997, during a visit to Dorset, England (Dorset, England); at the time of death, she was 77 years old.

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