Jeffrey Gonano

Picture of Jeffrey Gonano

Age: 27

Citizenship: United States

Original Picasso for $ 100

Later, Geoffrey admitted that he did not think about the acquisition of a masterpiece, he just was looking for `a picture to hang on the wall in gostinoy`. In the end, his choice fell on the creation of Picasso (Pablo Picasso) - merry `kartinka` perfectly suited to his living room. So, by paying 100 euros Gon soon he became the owner of the world`s masterpiece, which is estimated at one million dollars.

Generally, collected from the lottery funds will be used to preserve the ancient city of Tyre in Lebanon (Tyre, Lebanon), and tickets for 100 euros can be purchased online, everyone, all were sold 50 thousand tickets.

Upon learning that he was the lucky bought for 100 millions euros Picasso, Jeffrey Gon almost fell into shock - he admitted that he had never won anything like this. Despite the fact that the film is able to make him a very wealthy man, Gon he has already said that he sell the picture in any case is not going to.

A small painting dated 1914, just at the time Picasso was keenly interested in Cubism. Resolution on the sale has been received from the artist`s grandson Olivier Picasso (Olivier Picasso), who assured that his grandfather would be happy to know that his painting can help this wonderful project, as the preservation of the ancient city. By the way, the grandson of the great artist actively assisted project, working together with the organizers of the lottery - `Association to Save Tyre`.

Meanwhile vremenemDzheffri Gon became of an unknown amateur art very prominent figure in the art world. For example, many people say that young Jeffrey - and he`s only 25 years old - can cause that the painting he did get rid of by selling it and rescued it for a good amount of money.

Whatever it was, today Jeffrey says that `` man in top hat (sometimes `` A man in a hat) - is not just an expensive thing in his house, but because the part with the painting he did not intend.