Jean-pierre Aumont

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Date of Birth: 05/01/1911

Age: 90

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Born Jean-Pierre in Paris (Paris), in the family of Alexander Salomons (Alexandre Salomons), fabric store owner and his wife Suzanne Kahin (Suzanne Caheen). Uncle mother of Jean-Pierre was a famous actor George Burr (Georges Berr). Family boy`s father once came from Holland; they were Jews. In the veins of the mother as Jewish blood flowed.

At sixteen, following the advice of his mother, Jean-Pierre began studying drama at the Paris Conservatory (Paris Conservatory). As he made his debut at age 21 as a professional actor; his film debut took place a year later, in the film `Jean and la Lune`.

The most important - and, in many ways, determined the whole future career - for Jean was the role in `infernal machine` ( `The Infernal Machine`) Jean Cocteau (Jean Cocteau). After the play out career Omon - both stage and cinema, fast poshlav mountain; Soon, however, World War II began. Jean-Pierre remained in France in 1942; then iz-za his Jewish origin, he was forced to flee from the Nazis. First he moved to at the time the free part of the district of Vichy (Vichy), then - in New York, and later in Hollywood. It was at his Hollywood acting career has gained a second wind.

At first, Jean-Pierre worked with `MGM`; after some time, however, he realized that he could not longer remain indifferent observer and decided to return to France to help their compatriots. After completing work on the painting `The Cross of Lorraine`, he joined the French liberation movement.

Aumont fought in North Africa; among other things, he had a chance to take part in Operation Torch `` (Operation Torch) in Tunisia. After that, together with the forces of the allies he traveled through Italy and France. During the war, he was wounded twice; for the first time - on the job, along with his brother. The second injury was much more serious - Omon jeep hit a mine; French general and commander of the first division of the French Liberation Movement Diego Brosse (Diego Brosset) was killed in the explosion.

For his courage, Jean-Pierre received the Order of the Legion of Honour (Legion d `Honneur) and the Military Cross (Croix de Guerre). Later, he resumed acting career, playing a magician in the film `Lily` ( `Lili`) with Leslie Caron (Leslie Caron). The Americans, however, Aumont longer remember the role of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov) in the film 1947 `Song of Scheherazade `(` Song of Scheherazade `).

In the fifties, Jean-Pierre had the opportunity to speak as a guest on the television show `What` s My Line? `. In the sixties and seventies, he played in various Broadway productions - including, in the `Gigi`. One of the latest projects with his participation was `History of Two Cities` ( `A Tale of Two Cities`), which was published in 1989. Two years later the actor was awarded komanderskim Cross of the Order of Arts and Literature (Ordre des Arts et des Lettres); in 1992 it awarded Cesar `` (Cesar Award).

Even in Hollywood Aumont married a Dominican actress Maria Montez (Maria Montez), recognized by the Queen Technicolor films `` ( `Technicolor`). Their marriage was a success; Unfortunately, it lasted not very long - the actress sank on September 7 th 1951. In 1956, Jean-Pierre married Italian actress Marisa Pavan (Marisa Pavan), the star of a number of films of the time.

Jean-Pierre Aumont, died in 2001; cause of death was a heart attack. Omon body was cremated. At the time of the death of the actor he was 90 years old.

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