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Date of Birth: 11/12/1913

Age: 84

Place of birth: Cherbourg

Citizenship: France

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The son of his mother`s

Jean Alfred Villa Marais was born December 11, 1913, in the French Cherbourg. His mother, Marie Louise Aline Vassor reputed strange girl - a lover of writing incredible stories, extravagant dress while publicly saying that he was going to become a nun. However, relatives persuaded her to marry a humble vet Alfred Villa Mare (from the first part of the surname, literally meaning `plohoy` actor later retracted). Jean was the last child - he had an older brother and sister Madeleine Henry, who died shortly before his birth. Immediately after the return of the Marais, a senior from the war split the family. Marie Aline changed the names of lovers and location, street suit scandals, got into the police on charges of theft, then was officially recognized kleptomankoy. Not surprisingly, the school biography of Jean Marais is full of very unseemly episodes - the organization of a school gang, stealing, cheating. It continued in the church school, willow elite Parisian Lycee Condorcet, and in the resort of Saint-Germain. However, with age Marais realized how disgusting were his actions, a better place to study, became interested in theater and painting. At 16 years old his mother took him out of school and pupil determined to radiomasteru first, then to the photographer. And the Marais began to pass countless tests in the studios. He managed to appear on the screen in a few episodes directed L`Erbe films, but then came the age of military service, and his acting career had to be temporarily postponed.

Play Now Stunt

Despite dissatisfaction with the mother after returning from military service Marais began working as an actor in the theater `Atele` - practically free, for the sake of learning skills. His finest hour was the production of `King Edipa`. The master of French art by Jean Cocteau to Jean Marais offered a role in his new play. Their creative, and not just the union lasted until the death of the great director. Plays Cocteau with Jean Marais - Knights of the Round stola` `` Terrible roditeli` - became a sensation in the theatrical life of Paris. But further creative plans were disrupted by the war. Jean Marais was mobilized into the army (by the way, for his clothing company in the studio stitched Chanel). Back in occupied Paris, the Marais went on to play in the theater and in the movies, refusing to cooperate with the pro-fascist directors. In 1942, he married actress Mila Parel (Olga Peschinskoy), but the marriage lasted only two years, and the divorce has not prevented their creative collaboration in the future. And in 1944, after the liberation of Paris, the Marais became a driver in the tanker division Lakerka and was even awarded the Military Cross.

The post-war French cinema renaissance offered the actor to stardom. `Triumph of Beauty and the chudovischa` (1946), adaptation of` roditeley` Hardcore (1948), a mystical-philosophical `Orfey` (1949) led to talk about the Marais as a great actor. But ordinary viewers enjoyed numerous historically adventurous movies, where Jean Marais graceful fencing, landing of the second floor window just in the horse saddle, flew at the end of the rope over a large area - and never used the services of an understudy. For fifty years, during the famous Third Moscow International Film Festival, after the press conference Marais jumped on the railing of the balcony, located on the twelfth floor of the hotel, so that photographers were able to capture it on the background of the Kremlin stars.

The filmography of legendary actor more than a hundred films, many of which have become the golden fund of world cinema, ten dramas, poems, paintings and sculptures. Jean Marais is located in Montmartre has created a bronze monument `Passing through stenu` dedicated to his friend, the writer Marcel Aime, and Pablo Picasso urged the actor not to waste his talent on stage and cinema screen.

Marais died in 1998, failing to complete several projects, including a film of Luchino Visconti. He is buried in the cemetery of Vallauris, where he lived the last few years.

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