Jean-francois Gerbillon

Picture of Jean-francois Gerbillon

Date of Birth: 06/06/1654

Age: 52

Place of birth: Verdun

Citizenship: France


Jean-Francois Gerbilon (Jean-Fran & # 231; ois Gerbillon, 4.06.1654 - 27.03.1707) - French missionary who has worked in China.

Gerbilon Born in Verdun, France. October 5, 1670 he became a member of the Society of Jesus and after the standard course of seven years he taught grammar and humanities. All this time Gerbilon cherished one dream - to go on a mission to the East; Finally, in the 1685th, it was included in a group of Jesuits chosen for the foundation of the mission in China. For the first segment of the path of Jean-Francois I was attached to the embassy of the Chevalier de Chaumont in Siam; with him in the way otpravilasgruppa Jesuit mathematicians - Jean de fountain, Joachim Bouvet, Louis le Comte, Tashar Guy and Claude de Visdelu. Tashar stayed in Siam in King Narayan, and other members of the expedition in the 1687th reached China.

After arriving in Beijing (Peking), they were taken at the court of Emperor Kangxi, he was greatly impressed by the missionaries, and kept with him and Gerbilona Iohaima Bouvet. This legendary monk understood the value of services, which the holy fathers could give him his scientific knowledge; they, in turn, were pleased as the warm welcome and the opportunity to win the prestige of the court, which has helped a lot in the base case of the mission.

As soon as the missionaries in the proper degree mastered the language Gerbilon with Thomas Pereira - one of his companions - I went to Nerchinsk as a translator; at that time, between Russia and China were active negotiations regarding clarification of borders between the two empires; results of the negotiations have been enshrined in the Treaty of Nerchinsk. Since then actively Gerbilon traveled mostly - consisting Imperial Formation. So, he had eight times to visit Tatarstan; in one of these visits, Jean-Francois own eyes watched Kangxi military campaign against oyratov.Posle his last journey, he was accompanied by three officials, designed to regulate social relations in the region and establish new laws to Tatar-Kalki - they just took an oath of loyalty to the emperor. Gerbilon readily enjoyed by those missions for scientific purposes - in particular, he was able to establish the exact latitude and longitude of a number of important sites in Tatarstan.

Long time Gerbilon responsible for the French in Beijing College; some time later he was promoted to the head of an official mission. His friendship with the emperor helped him in his mission and scientific activities.