Jean Dalembert

Picture of Jean Dalembert

Date of Birth: 11/16/1717

Age: 65

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


Jean d`Alembert Leron got its name from the title of a small church on the stage where he was tossed mother. The wife of a poor glazier replaced his mother. Caregivers Jean wanted him to be a lawyer or a doctor, but he was a mathematician and a philosopher.

Becoming a celebrity, and the pride of French science, D`Alembert rewarded Glazer and his wife, making sure that they are not in need, and always proudly called them his roditelyami.Zhan D`Alembert Leron one of the main figures of the "Encyclopedia" and its editors. Since 1751, together with Diderot took part in its creation (1st volume was released in 1751-52 gg.). I wrote the introduction to it, which is one of the most brilliant examples of "scientific style". In philosophy, d`Alembert was a supporter and an opponent of sensationalism Cartesian theory of innate ideas. However, it was not sensationalism consistently materialistic. According to d`Alembert, thinking is not a property of matter, but the soul is independent of the existence of matter. In contrast to other French Enlightenment, he claimed that morality is not conditioned by the social environment. D`Alembert acknowledged God as forming the substance. Criticism inconsistent sensationalism d`Alembert was given in the works of Diderot. The main work in filosofii- "Elements of Philosophy" (1759). Based on a system of Francis Bacon, science has classified, putting nachalosovremennomu the concept of "human sciences."

In "Treatise on dynamics" (1758) presents a review of the principle of a mechanical system with connections, which reduces any problem of dynamics to the equilibrium problem ,. In 1754 he was elected to the French Academy. In 1757 he left the edition of "Encyclopedia". In the mid-1760s. D`Alembert was invited by the Russian Empress Catherine II as a caregiver heir to the throne, but refused to accept the invitation.