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American researcher in the field of management and organizational behavior theory; writer, author of 14 books and numerous (more than 100) of articles on the nature of leadership; Professor McKenna College (Claremont McKenna College), which is located in Claremont, California (Claremont, California); Visiting Professor at the London Business School (London School of Business & Finance - LSBF) and a senior fellow at the Marshall School of Business University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California), Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California).

Jay Conger - an internationally recognized expert on leadership and organizational change issues, training and development of leaders and managers, as well as the organization of the board of directors. He acted as a consultant for more than 200 companies

Worldwide. Conger is a member of the Academy of Management (Academy of Management), a professional association of scientists involved in the study of management and organizational processes, and is included in the editorial board of the journal `Academy of Management Learning and Education`, which is considered one of the most respected business publications in the world. Conger also acted as deputy editor of `Leadership Quarterly`. Professor Conger - winner of many professional awards in the field of teaching, winner of the `Best Professor to Teach Leadership to Executives` business magazine` Business Week` and private scholarship fund `Smith Richardson Foundation`, as well as the recipient of the plurality of research grants.

From 1970 to 1974, Jay Conger studied at Dartmouth College (Dartmouth College) in Hanover, New Hampshire (Hanover, New Hampshire), and graduated in June 1974, received a bachelor`s degree with honors in anthropology. In 1975-1977 Conger was a student at the University of Virginia School of Business (Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia), and received a master`s degree in business administration. Doctoral thesis in the field of organizational behavior Conger defended at Harvard University (Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University), where he studied from 1980 to 1985. He began teaching in 1979 at Georgetown University (Georgetown University) in Washington, DC (Washington, DC), and then, in 1982, worked at Northeastern University (Northeastern University), not just lectured at Harvard and McGill University (McGill University), the oldest university in Canada (Canada).

In 1974-1975 Conger worked as an assistant for consumer affairs in the office of the State Attorney in Raleigh, North Carolina (Raleigh, North Carolina); in 1977-1980 he held the position of manager of international marketing company `Solarex Corporation` in Rockville, Maryland (Rockville, Maryland); in 1982-1985 he worked as a consultant in the Boston `Harbridge house`.

Interview with Conger published in publications such as `Boston Globe`,` Business Week`, `The Economist`,` Entrepreneur Magazine`, `The Financial Post`,` Financial Times`, `Forbes`,

`The Los Angeles Times`,` The Montreal Gazette`, `The New York Times`,` San Francisco Chronicle`, `The Wall Street Journal` and others.

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