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Nationality : United States


` Jawbreaker` - american pank-rock band that existed from 1986 to 1996 and had a great influence on the emergence and development in the early 90 - ies of the last century emo movement.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach (Blake Schwarzenbach), bassist Chris Bauermayster (Chris Bauermeister) and drummer Adam Pfaler (Adam Pfahler) organized a group ,when they were students at New York University (New York University). Bauermayster looking for someone with whom he could rehearse and posted a couple of flyers in a student dormitory. His passionate call and responded Schwarzenbach Pfaler. Then they moved to Los Angeles (Los Angeles),where the March 16, 1989 in the ` Club 88` took their first serious show. In 1990 they released their debut album `Unfun` on an independent label ` Shredder Records`. The following year, the band once again moved, this time to San Francisco (San Francisco),and in 1992, recorded with the help of `Tupelo Recording Company` and ` The Communion Label` album `Bivouac`.

The strength of the charm, charisma Schwarzenbach and very personal, full of bitter disappointment his lyrics made him a cult figure of American punk rock at the turn of the 80s and 90s.At the same time, he underwent surgery to remove a painful throat and threatening voice polyps. In 1993, the `Jawbreaker` toured with the band ` Nirvana`, and the following year released the album ` 24 Hour Revenge Therapy`, already possessing a pronounced features of emo style, all on the same label ` Tupelo / Communion Records`.The album caught the attention of major labels. Group signed a one million dollar contract with a record company `DGC Records`, and in 1995 was born the album ` Dear You`. However, a new sound, smooth vocals and elegant arrangements have led to the fact that a large part of the audience `Jawbreaker` reacted negatively to the album. Tensions between the band members grew and in 1996 led to the dissolution of the `Jawbreaker`. Especially do not get along Blake and Chris. They went on tour in different vans, and one day I just went crazy and got into a fight, after bassist vocalist called the ` devil primadonnoy`. The last time they played together 19 May 1996 in the Capitol Theater in Olympia, Washington (Olympia, Washington). Summer punk trio officially announced the completion of the joint work, although Pfaler objected to the dissolution of the group.

After the collapse of the participants `Jawbreaker` actively involved in other projects. Blake Schwarzenbach returned to NewNew York (New York City), and for a while lived up writing for websites reviews of video games. In 1997, he gathered a group of indie `Jets to Brazil`, which disbanded in 2003, releasing three albums ; Schwarzenbach in 2008-2009 worked with the band `The Thorns of Life`, which is quite a lot of touring, but did not record a single album.In August 2009, Blake has distributed information about their new group called `Forgetters`. The group is based in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York). Chris Bauermayster completely, he said, exhausted, returned to his work in the toy store, where he worked before `Jawbreaker` began to tour. Eventually, he returned to his musical career by joining the Chicago pop - punk band `Horace Pinker`. He worked with them from 1999 to 2001 and recorded together with their album ` Pinkerami` 2000 ` Copper Regret`. He currently plays with the band `Mutoid Men` and lives in Washington state.

Adam Pfaler stayed in San Francisco. Together with the turbinegroup manager Christy Colcord (Christy Colcord) he opened a video store and continued to produce the previously recorded material `Jawbreaker` on his label ` Blackball Records`. Curiously, after the collapse of the collective interest of the audience to their creativity has increased significantly. In 2007, the band briefly teamed up in the studio for the filming of a documentary about the `Jawbreaker`, but rumors about their possible reunion were immediately refuted by all three ex -`Jawbreaker`.

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