Javed Jaffrey

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Date of Birth: 04/12/1963

Age: 52

Birth Place: Mumbai

Citizenship: India


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Javed Jaffrey was born on December 4th 1963, in Mumbai (in India`s capital), the son of the famous comedian once. Naturally from the earliest years Javed was fascinated by the world of cinema. He dreamed that someday will be certainly an actor - a successful and famous.

At the time, Javed Jaffrey has received a decent education - he sought to comprehensive development, diversity and excellence.

His first appearance on television almost immediately proved to be successful and have attracted the attention of many fans of the movie day.

Debut film actor - "Meri Jung" - well I liked by the audience and gave Javed opportunity to showcase their own abilities and the ability to create a variety of images (including villains).

Subsequently Dzhaffreya acting talent manifested in the process of working on television series. In the nineties of the last century image of Javea for many it is one of the leading on TV. When cable television was yavleniemobyknovennym, Javed Jaffrey and it`s not confused. The actor took a fancy to imagine MTV channel and worked there as a presenter.

At all times, brilliantly led Javed show transmission. Participants gladly participated in such programs, because that is where you can get acquainted with the famous Javed Dzhaffreem.

Activities actor was appreciated. In 2006 for example, Jaffrey was awarded the prestigious IIFA (prize from the International Academy of Indian Cinema) - for the best performance of the comedy role in a film about two Indians who have decided to leave India and go to Melbourne - for new experiences and the embodiment of a dream come true .

Currently, the actor continued to work in television. He leads the fashion show and regularly communicates with the audience who enjoy what makes Javed Jaffrey.

He continues to offer good role for an actor who is taken with a special verve. Movies from Javed blood and always will be.

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