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Citizenship: United States

The accusations of racism

According to Jason, and Anneli Black (Jason and Annelia Black), the character of the park White Rabbit is clearly in no hurry to even touch the Black children, while the other kids, white, he just showered hugs and other signs of attention. `Our children feel just uzhasno`, - Black said. 6-year-old Jason ml. He confirmed that when he tried to embrace her favorite character, he stepped back and thus make it the boy is not allowed. The same thing happened with his eldest son by the name of Black Elia (Elijah) - White Rabbit refused to even shake his hand.

Once home, the parents immediately wrote a complaint to the administration of the name, and received a response in the form of offers of compensation to $ 500 and VIP-passes. In exchange, the family was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Seven Black, however, the proposal is not satisfied, they intend to bring the case to a logical outcome of their understanding. By the way, their requirements was dismissed by an actor dressed White Rabbit. In addition, the Black family wants an official apology.

As far as the accusations `postradavshih` objective remains to be seen, but it is no secret that the accusations of racism - a favorite theme of modern African American.

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