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Date of Birth: 01/21/1928

Age: 88

Place of birth: Budapest

Citizenship: Hungary


Janos Kornai (J & # 225; nos Kornai) was born in 1928 in Budapest, Hungary (Budapest, Hungary). It is known that under its current name Janos became a living since 1945, and from birth he was Kornhauser (Kornhauser), grew up in a Jewish family; his father was a victim of the Holocaust, who disappeared in Auschwitz.

Within two years, Janos studied philosophy at the P & # 225; zm & # 225; ny P & # 233; ter University (now - Lorand / E University Eotvos & # 246; tv & # 246; s Lor & # 225; nd University) in Budapest, and later he defended his thesis at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungarian Academy of Sciences).

Later, after becoming a famous person in economic circles, Kornai admitted to the study of its economy pulled after reading Kapitala` `(` Das Kapital`) Karl Marx (Karl Marx).

Since 1947 Kornai worked in the Economic Observer newspaper Szabad Nep` `(` Szabad N & # 233; p`) - the official publication of the Hungarian Communist Party.

However, after several years of work in the spring of 1955, he was dismissed for lack of `communist ubezhdeniy`.

In 1955 Kornai got a job at the newly created Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences). It is known that Janos enjoyed the patronage of the Prime Minister, the famous Hungarian reformer and quite extraordinary politician Imre Nagy (Imre Nad). It Kornai in 1956 headed the working group, which was engaged in the development of the complex program of reform of the Hungarian economy. In the same period he wrote his first work, `Sverhtsentralizatsiya` (` Overcentralization`), which in 1959 was released the book in the United Kingdom (Great Britain). By the way, this work is very much different from being published at the time of the economic literature in the socialist countries. Book Kornai not told in detail about how the ideal would be to operate the socialist economy, but the real picture was describing her work. The reason for the popularity of his work has always been not only high scientific potential of the works, but also his excellent skill is pretty simple and popularly express economic concepts without their ideological components. By the way, his works enjoyed (though not officially) a great success, and in the USSR, where they were translated from English enthusiasts; already at that time Kornai simply and easily opened and dissected the deepest problems of socialism.

In 1958 he temporarily left the Institute of Economics, it was dictated by the political situation in the country. In the ensuing years, he worked in the planning Kornai Light Industry Bureau (1958-1960), the Institute of Textile Industry (1960-1963), and later - in the computer center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1963-1967).

In 1967 Kornai returned to the Institute of Economics Academy of Sciences, where he worked as a professor until 1993.

In addition, Janos Kornai was a professor at Harvard University (Harvard University) from 1986 to 2002-th; He was a member and president of the Econometric Society (Econometric Society); He is also an honorary professor (Central European University), Central European University and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences).

In 2007 Kornai published his memoirs, `By Force of Thought`, which exposed deep study of the social and political environment, in which he had the opportunity to live and work.

One of the major works of the economist is a book in 1988 `The socialist system: the political economy kommunizma` (.` The Socialist System The Political Economy of Communism`), and, in addition, Kornai is widely known for his works `Economics of Shortage`,` The Road to a Free Economy`, `Highway and Byways` and a few other things.

Currently, Janos Kornai involved in the project `Honesty and Trust in the Light of Post-Socialist Transition` for` Collegium Budapest`, where he is also an honorary member.

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