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The case of Jeanne Weber has long caused an increased interest of the French. The killer of children, Jeanne was twice acquitted by the court, but the vicious passion was stronger - every time she again began to kill. When the murderer was convicted, then, not having this same opportunity to kill, she committed suicide by strangling himself with his own hands. And, dying, it can be experienced that feeling of pleasure, which is supposed to be the driving force of her crimes.

For the first time this name has attracted the attention of police in 1905. Then one day in April at the entrance to the hospital Breton in Paris there was a young woman who was holding in his arms a child barely breathing with a face livid. After the first superficial examination of the child Dr. Saillant found him suffering symptoms of acute attack of breathlessness.

The woman who was the mother of barely surviving boy named Charlez Weber, and from her doctor heard a strange story. It turned out that she lived in the Gut-d`0r, dirty, gloomy district of Paris, where lived a lot of affinity with each other Weber. In the middle of that ill-fated day Charlez Weber was visiting relatives - Jeanne Weber. After dinner, she asked their guests to buy something for her, and Maurice left at home with her. Came in less than five minutes, Madame Weber found rattling, foaming at the mouth and livid face of a boy lying on the bed, and Jeanne Weber - who was sitting beside him and kept his hands under the shirt the child on his chest. Frightened woman tried to snatch arms of Maurice of relatives, but she managed to do only with great difficulty.

After hearing the story of visitor`s, Dr. Saillant decided to examine a second child. After looking carefully, he found on his neck red, the size of a finger, the trace which the sides were clearly than the front. This track bred suspicion, whether the child who choked. Maurice was put in a children`s ward, and about nine o`clock in the evening Saillant found him in good condition.

His mother calmed down, Saillant asked to tell her about the details of the incident. From this story, he learned that less than four weeks, starting from March 2, died with symptoms of suffocation in four children Weber family. Surprisingly, none of these cases has not been without the presence of a number of Jeanne Weber.

The woman described in detail the events of the last month. First, Pierre Weber died two daughters, Suzanne and Georgette. In both cases, Jeanne remained to look after children. For the first time - when his mother Georgette washing laundry in the house; second death in the family came ten days later: the parents were at work when Suzanne died March 11, has not yet been reached and three years. In both cases, the doctor confirmed his death from seizures, does not attach importance to the fact that those girls had gone blue, and on the necks could clearly distinguish the dark furrow. However, there is nothing particularly surprising here: it is the poor quarter.

Two weeks later, Jeanne Weber was visiting Leon Weber and his wife, who had a seven-month daughter named Germain. She again begged them to leave her under the care of the girl. The next morning, when parents were absent, Germain began to choke for an unknown reason. My grandmother, who lived in the same house, he heard the cries of the girl hurried into the house and found her kneeling at Jeanne. Seizures stopped for the night, and she quietly fell asleep. It seemed that the disease has passed, but on March 26, when Germain again left with Joan, she died of an attack of breathlessness. But Jeanne saw hands under his shirt at the neck of the child. Germain was buried on 27 March, and on the same evening strangely ill son of Jeanne Weber, Marcel seven years. A few hours later he suddenly gasped allegedly due to the effects of diphtheria.

It was clear that in a place like Gut d`0r, the child`s life was worth inexpensive, but nevertheless if everything was as Madame Charlez Weber said, why no one has not yet been suspected in a series of child deaths violence? Why do people continue to trust their children`s sister- in-law, in the hands of those that have died? Surely they did not know it?

These questions and asked Dr. Saillant Charlez Madame Weber, but she looked at him blankly. Yes, they have arisen suspicion kogdaumerla Germain. But then he died own son Joan - Marseille.

About the strange circumstances of death of children Dr. Weber said Police Commissioner. An hour later, after his statement Jeanne Weber, a small, plump woman with inexpressive features, he was arrested, and two inspectors started questioning all the witnesses the death of children. Establish the circumstances of death of children in many ways, it seemed mysterious.

In the course of this investigation the inspector Kuare learned that as early as 1902 at the hands of Joan Weber in a short time died two children: Lucy Alexander and Marcel Poitiers. Doctors then were not made entirely certain assumptions about the causes of death.

It turned out that Jeanne Weber but died not long ago, a seven-year Marseille had two more daughters. These girls also died a few years ago. All Webers sympathized with the woman who lost her children, and her persistent offers to sit with the children they perceive as "unsatisfied feeling of motherhood", which developed after the tragic loss.

Inspector Beauvais himself was born in Gut d`0r. He knew this world, which was dominated by dirt and poverty, he knew how often death collects their crops there as insensitive people who inhabit it, and how great is their ignorance. But when he learned that survived the dead children before dying, it seemed simply unfathomable.

Questioning of witnesses is gradually helped to draw in the details of these terrible scenes of terrible child deaths.

Inspectors reported to the investigator of the investigation. They found that not only neighbors, but also to relatives after the death of Suzanne Jeanne Weber did not trust, but when her own son had died. Marseille, distrust and antipathy somehow dissipated. Witnesses her son`s death was itself Jeanne Weber and her drunkard husband. Dr. Mun twice superficially examined the boy wanted to give him an injection, but before he could, and explained his death "cerebral inflammation". The father claimed that the boy was choking and had a fever.

The suspect was silent, not responding to the investigator`s questions, but he suspected that she had done something terrible: had killed her own child with the purpose to lull suspicion relatives and neighbors to continue to kill in the future.

The investigation concluded that none of the children did not die of natural causes, that they were all victims of the unbridled passions of Jeanne Weber and Maurice only casually managed to avoid the same fate.

But how to formulate the reasons that push it into the murder? Maybe it was revenge for the death of her two daughters? Envy and hatred of the happy mother? Or it moved the satisfaction that many of the killers are in the act of murder?

Dr. Leon Henri Thoinot undertook to examine a survivor Maurice Weber, as well as to exhume and autopsy children: Georgette, Suzanne Germain, Marseille. Investigator Leyde expected that the doctor will give him Thoinot scientific evidence of violent child deaths by suffocation.

The trial began on January 29, 1906. At the gate of the courthouse crowd of mothers and fathers, who saw the accused, was nicknamed "the killer of the Gut-d`0r" fiend, devouring children. Their instinct cried out to revenge killer, sitting with a dull expression on his face in the dock.

But soon will be able to protect to do the seemingly impossible: to turn Joan Weber in front of the court and the public of the damned murderers innocently persecuted, lost their children`s mother.

Protection Joan Weber took the lawyer, Robert Henry. He was a man who could not miss the opportunity to become a party to such a sensation. Within a day, he managed to confuse the prosecution witnesses, including doctors, and make fun of alleged traces of strangulation.

Already on the second day of the trial, in the evening on January 30 chairman was forced to offer to justify Jeanne Weber. Upon hearing the acquittal, the defendant has for the first time showed some feelings. She kissed his hand and called the lawyer to her husband, so he went. "Say that you recognize my innocence!" - She demanded.

In the mood of the public, at first just so longed for vengeance woman-monster, there was a change. Men and women applauded and tried to endure at the hands of Joan Weber from the courtroom.

Thus ended the first part of the drama masterfully played out a lawyer.

But this is not the end of the tragedy.

Continued followed a little later than a year. In the evening, April 16, 1907 in the community Vileda Indre department in Papazoglou door doctor called a girl, panic-stricken. Asked the doctor, what is the reason to raise such a fuss, she said. "I`m from chambray My name is Louise Auguste Bavuze My brother is very sick coming soon..."

Louise`s father lived in a small hovel with his three children and a mistress by the name Molyneux, which appeared in the area a few weeks earlier as a tramp and found refuge with Bavuze. After asking the girl of his brother`s illness, the doctor gave her a laxative, and sent home to him. The next day, early in the morning to him was already the father of a boy. The doctor realized that there was something seriously wrong with the child, and drove in chambray, but it was too late: a nine-Auguste died. Next to the bed of the child`s father sat girlfriend, plump, round-faced woman.

The child was already obmyt and wearing a new shirt, a collar around his neck tight-fitting. "Why?" - I asked the doctor. Unfazed, lazy voice, the woman replied: "He vomited, he was dirty."

According to the doctor`s insistence shirt still removed. Immediately caught my eye redness, clearly visible around the entire neck. This raises suspicions, and the doctor refused to attest to the fact of a natural death, and reported the incident to the police.

Dr. Charles Odya had as a forensic physician determine the cause of the boy`s death. The next day he arrived at Vileda. The body of the child was already in the chapel at the cemetery, where Odya commanded to bring a few boards and on this improvised table made an autopsy. Doctor above all else noticed strange marks on her neck, which might indicate strangulation. But the line was just at the upper edge of the collar, shook him a little confidence, because the pressure of the collar after death can cause the formation of a trace on the neck that looks like a strangulation furrow.

After asking about the health and child health in recent years, the doctor learned that Auguste Bavuze while ill. It is in some way to dispel doubts about the scar on his neck and allowed to make a finding that the boy died of natural causes. Dr. Odya reported their findings: "The death of the child`s natural It happened, apparently because of convulsive phenomena, caused by irritation of the meninges, as the past two weeks the boy complained of a headache.".

During the funeral Auguste no one noticed that the older sister, Germaine, all the while standing on the sidelines. She did not trust outside the woman who came to their house and slept on the bed dead mother. In the following days, the girl looked through the contents of the bag, in which Molyneux Madame kept her things and found a bunch of newspaper clippings for 1906 about the trial of Jeanne Weber, where her portraits were printed. Then Germain realized that Madame Molyneux none other than Jeanne Weber. Hiding clippings under the apron, she went to the Vileda, which put them on the table of the gendarmerie inspector Ohfun with difficulty stammered: "It is she strangled Auguste.".

Bello investigator filed a new case - the murder Auguste Bavuze. He told the doctor Odya recheck your medical opinion, and another doctor, pathologist Frederico Bruno, perform a second autopsy.

The minutes of the re-opening of Dr. Bruno stated (as Dr. Odya agreed with him) the presence of strangulation furrow width of two and a half centimeters. Weakest it has been expressed at the rear. Below the annular cartilage injury were examined, which could be applied to the nails of hands. The skin was dried furrows, like parchment. Bleeding in the throat and neck muscles in preclude the assumption Odya the pressure collar. Heart bag was full of blood. Footprints in the neck of the child testified suffocation, possibly with the help of a handkerchief, which alleged criminal obvernula around the boy`s neck and twisted the front. That explained the scratches in the area of ??the larynx and poorly expressed strangulation furrow in the neck. It is also due to a mistake in the original opinion on the collar. Both the doctor did not find the slightest causes of natural death.

Jeanne Weber-Molyneux was again arrested and taken to the police station in Bourges. The next day the Paris newspapers have spread a message about a new arrest "killer of Gut d`0r".

This may seem incomprehensible, but this time the killer managed to escape punishment!

Doubts about the correctness of scientific expertise have played a decisive role. Weights again overwhelmed sympathy for the innocent victim twice.

And then like a bolt from the blue May 9, 1908 in Paris rang out the headlines of newspapers: "Robbery with murder in Commerce Marcel Poirot, the son of an innkeeper Poirot, strangled Jeanne Weber seized at the crime scene!"

At this time in the hospital Commercy Professor Parisot, his son Jean and Dr. Thierry bent over the corpse of a seven-year Marcel Poirot. Behind them stood the investigator Rolin from San myeloma.

Exactly sixteen hours earlier, on May 8 in Commerce came plasterer Emil Boucherie with a round, nondescript, apparently loving children woman he introduced as his wife. Boucherie settled Poirot in a tavern on the Rue de la Paroisse. Emil evening went to work and wanted to go home Pozdov-on. His wife played with the innkeeper`s son Marcel. When it came time to sleep, she asked Poirot, that he allowed his son to go to bed with her, because there is no husband, and she is very timid.

Poirot carelessly agreed. About 10 o`clock the guest, who lived on the second floor, heard a baby cry. He called Poirot. A few minutes later they entered the room of Madame Boucherie, and their eyes appeared a terrible picture. Marseille with livid face, lifeless lying on the bed. From his mouth was bleeding. Next to him lay in bed the wife of the new lodger. Her hands and shirt were covered in blood. Under the bed were bloodstained handkerchiefs.

A few minutes later the doctor came Guichard, but it was too late. Marcel was dead. Clearly distinguishes between the following compression of the neck. The child bit his tongue, and it caused bleeding. child smeared with blood the killer calmly stated that she was not guilty and does not know anything about what happened. Arriving from San myeloma gendarmes found her things hidden letter Maitre Henri Robert. It was addressed to Joan Weber in prison Bourges and dated December 1907. Robert congratulated her with the imminent release. As stupid as it insists on his innocence, Madame Boucherie admitted that her real name is Jeanne Weber.

When traced the path that Jeanne Weber has done since December 1907, were as follows. At first she lived in a rooming house in Fokombole. Then Bonzho George, president of Children`s Society, being sure of the innocence of Joan Weber, out of sympathy for "innocent victim" took her to work in a children`s home Orgevilya babysitting. Later in court, he admitted that this allegedly unjustly persecuted in a few days trying to stifle a sick child. She immediately fired, but Bonzho not reported it to the authorities because he was afraid to put yourself in an awkward position.

In March 1908 Jeanne Weber was arrested for vagrancy. When arrested, the woman said that she is the same Jeanne Weber, who killed children in the Gut-d`0r. When she was taken to the police prefect Lepine, she gave up her words and said that incriminated himself, to live in a warm room.

Lepine Toulouse ordered a neurologist to examine her mental condition. Dr. Toulouse found her perfectly healthy. So in April 1908, she appeared in the Bar de Du, and finally took up with Emil Boucherie.

When on May 12 professors and Michel Parisot finished their work, hundreds of people waiting for their verdict at the hospital gate. The joint conclusion was pronounced: "The death was caused by strangulation using a handkerchief, swirling around the neck and tighten under the chin."

Weber has disappeared in the depths of a madman Marseval house where one morning she was found strangled with their own hands.

Source: The most dangerous maniacs