Jane Baxter

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Date of Birth: 09/09/1919

Age: 77

Place of birth: Bremen

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Jane Baxter was born under the name Theodore Kathleen Ellis Ford (Feodora Kathleen Alice Forde) in Bremen, Germany (Bremen, Germany). Daughter of the Anglo-Irish marine engineer and German mother of noble birth Hedwig von Dieskau (Hedwig von Dieskau). Their family castle located on the outskirts of Halle in Saxony-Anhalt (Halle, Saxony-Anhalt). Hedwig was maid of honor Princess Charlotte (Princess Charlotte), sister of Kaiser Wilhelm II (Kaiser Wilhelm II). His birth name, Theodore, the future actress was in honor of Charlotte`s daughter, Princess Theodora of Saxe-Meiningen, who committed suicide in 1945.

Ellis Ford arrived in London 6 years of age and began studying acting in independent theatrical Academy Italy Conti (Italia Conti Academy). On the London stage debut in a girl of 15 years - Adelphi Theatre (Adelphi Theatre) in 1925. Then she played the homeless in the short-lived musical `Prisoner of Love` ( `Love` s Prisoner `turning point in his career began in 1928 when Theodore replaced Jean Forbes-Robertson (Jean Forbes-Robertson), playing Peter Pan (Peter Pan). According to the advice of the author of the play, Dzh. M Barry (JM Barrie), the actress changed her name to Jane Baxter. her talent noted writer John Hay Beit (John Hay Beith), and offered her the lead role in the play `Maiden suffering` ( `A Damsel in Distress `), which he wrote in collaboration with Sir Pelham Grenville Vodhauzom (Pelham Grenville Wodehouse).

On the big screen Baxter made its debut in 1930 - in the second grade film `Bed and Breakfast`, then followed by other proposals. She also participated in several shows West End (West End) and 1935 represented repertoire Liverpool Playhouse (Liverpool Playhouse). Actor Michael Redgrave (Michael Redgrave), called `the delightful Jane aktrisoy` made her godmother to his daughter Vanessa Redgrave (Vanessa Redgrave).

Baxter continued to conquer the top of the theater, with success in London speaking s1937 second with the production of `George and Margaret` for two years. In 1947, together with John Gielgud (John Gielgud) and Margaret Rutherford (Margaret Rutherford), she became a star of the play `The Importance of Being Earnest `(` The Importance of Being Earnest `), playing in her Miss Cecily Cardew (Cicely Cardew ).

Another classic role of Jane - heroine named Pansy (Viola) in Shakespeare`s` Twelfth noch` ( `Twelfth Night`), held in 1948 in the theater Old Vic, named in honor of Queen Victoria. After the launch in 1952 of the play `In the case of murder, dial M` `(` Dial M for Murder`), Baxter 20 years was true theater, the last time appeared on the West End in the autobiographical play by John Mortimer (John Mortimer) `A Voyage Round my Father` together with his old friend Michael Redgrave.

On television, Jane has been involved in the adaptation of plays and starred in several television series, including the role of Lady Newbury (Lady Newbury) in the series `Up and down the lestnitse` (` Upstairs, Downstairs`). The last TV appearance Baxter connected with the documentary of 1992 `Missing Believed Lost`, which was also featured Sir John Mills (John Mills).

In 1930, the young Jane married Dunphy rider Clive (Clive Dunfee), and my own eyes saw two years later, he crashed to death in a race held near Weybridge in Surrey (Weybridge, Surrey). In 1939, she became the wife of a businessman Arthur Montgomery (Arthur Montgomery), who gave two daughters and a son. One of the daughters married James Dugdale (James Dugdale), the second Baron Kratorna.

Jane Baxter died th September 13, 1996 th, four days after his 87th birthday, of stomach cancer. Newspaper journalist Tom Vellens (Tom Vallance) called the actress` personification of the educated middle-class women - is reasonable, practical, beautiful rather than glamorous, with a delicate complexion. Excellent diction, radiant smile and subtle flirtatious hints at nevozmutimosti` flashy.

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