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Date of Birth: 1954

Age: 61

Citizenship: Belgium

Belgian theorist business processes

The Belgian scientist, a prominent expert on the theory of the organization and a professor of information systems at the University of Louvain (Leuven University). He is best known for his contributions to the theory of modeling of business processes and business organization.

In 1979, Yan Wang Ting received a master`s degree in Applied Economics and Information Technology at the University of Louvain; 7 years later, in 1986 he received a doctorate in economics. By the time he was 7 years at his alma mater as a research scientist; in 1987 he became an associate professor, in 1994 - professor, in 1996 - a full professor.

According to data for 2009, he served as head of two departments of the university in Leuven; In parallel, he periodically visited as a visiting professor other educational institutions around the world. We know that Ian worked with the Maryland College of Loyola (Loyola College), the School of Business and Management (Sellinger School of Business and Management) to Baltimore (Baltimore), the University of Antwerp (University of Antwerp) and joint project of Leuven and Ghent (Gent) Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School.

In the period from 1995 to 1999-th Wangting was listed in the editorial board of the journal `Informatie`; from 2001 he collaborates with the `International Journal of Digital Accounting`, and since in 2002, working with the publication of` Expert Systems with Applications`. He is a member of the project `ACM` and` IEEE Computer Society`; In addition, in the past, it was Wang Ting was behind the Leuven Institute for Information Systems Research (Leuven Institute for Research in Information Systems).

Research Jan Wanting mostly relate to various aspects of information systems. He has been actively studied information systems analysis and design issues examined regulations of doing business, and the most relevant business processes, worked on data mining, and systems based on knowledge bases.

Wanting a hand to other popular sectors and techniques - he was involved in an object-oriented development, decision tables, e-learning and information management. Wanting a lot of effort spent on the concept of e-business and information management and automation of the various services.

In his free research and teaching activities, Yang Wang Ting is actively involved in various scientific and educational activities. It is known that at one time it was one of the chairmen of the European conference on validation and verification systems osnovebaz knowledge; In addition, it Wangting once acted as founder and chairman of the Belgian Forum on entrepreneurial regulations (Belgian Business Rules Forum).

During his scientific and educational activities Yan Wang Ting regularly awarded major international prizes. His article `Specifying Process-Aware Access Control Rules in SBVR` was recognized as the best` rabotoy` held in Orlando symposium `RuleML 2007`; his own project `How business rules (re) define business processes` was promoted to the rank of one of the best reports at once in 5 nominations Forum business rules (Business Rules Forum) in Washington. In 2002, another article Wangting, `Proof running two state-of-the-art pattern recognition techniques in the field of direct marketing`, was nominated for the title of `best stati` ICEIS conference.

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