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The amazing story of a four-legged Robinson

What regrets Australian couple Griffith? The fact that their dog Sophie Tucker can not speak. And I would like to hear her amazing story of how she escaped alone in the ocean, how to find their land - a desert island - and about how prozhala there in the wild for more than four months. As a small and seemingly so helpless Sophie managed to swim your dog marathon? As she was accustomed tasty to eat from his bowl, he learned to hunt? All this silent brave little dog with a funny nickname of Sophie Tucker.

This amazing story happened in 2008 in Australia (Australia). The couple Griffith went into the sea near the north-eastern coast of the Australian state of Queensland (Queensland) on his boat. On board the wife, as usual, took his favorite - the dog named Sophie Sophie Taker.Stol unusual nickname was in honor of the famous American pop star and vaudevillian, and Jen and her husband simply adored their pet.

At the time of the sea voyage strong waves rose, and one of them is literally covered boat Griffith. Easy Sophie Tucker just washed overboard. When the wave is gone, the couple began to look for your pet. Alas, Sophie could not be seen anywhere - not on board or overboard. In desperation and mourning dog, Jen and her husband returned home. They were convinced that the more they would never see his Sophie Tucker.

Meanwhile, Sophie was in the water. Like all dogs, she swam well, and despite the fear, she swam. Later, when it was precisely defined distance, which could sail the brave little dog, many were amazed - Sophie Tucker managed to avoid falling victim to the sharks, which prostokishat surrounding water? However, Sophie Tucker was able to survive.

She swam over 9 kilometers, and soon shake on the banks of almost uninhabited and uninhabited island of Saint-Bis (St Bees). We can only guess how Sophie Tucker survived on the island, but she coped with this challenge. As a result, wild dogs found the locals, which reported a strange animal cop. In the end, Sophie aircraft carrier in the cell seconded to the mainland police patrol.

When Jen and her husband heard about that on the island of Saint-Biz found the dog, they reacted to the news with a grain of salt - they have long mourned his favorite, and believed in miracles weak. However, look at the discovery they do decide. When it turned out that this is still a Sophie Tucker, first wife could not believe it really happens. However, it was exactly it - change, wild, but still alive and unharmed. Despite the fact that the character of Sophie clearly become more stringent, it is immediately recognized masters.

Sophie again quickly got used to the comforts of home, and Jen and her husband often looked at her for a long time, trying to figure out what exactly she had to endure? According to the local fishermen, shark simply can not resist the smell of wet dog hair. And, moreover, the dog in the sea is very attractive not only for bait sharks, but for any large fish. So, the chances of surviving a Sophie Tucker in the sea were insignificant. However, the brave little dog desperately wanted to live, and fighting - first breaking over 9 kilometers of water, and then surviving on their own in the wild that have been for her, absolutely domestic dog, accustomed to comfort, very unusual.