Jan Gies

Picture of Jan Gies

Date of Birth: 10/18/1905

Age: 87

Place of birth: Amsterdam

Nationality: Netherlands

Nightmares fascism

Born and raised Yang - then still known as Henk van Santen (Henk van Santen) - Amsterdam (Amsterdam). His future wife, he met in 1933; later they parted ways, and to meet again they were destined only in 1936. July 16, 1941 th Miep and Jan were married; Miep while facing deportation to Vienna (Vienna) for refusing to join a Nazi women`s group. At the wedding of Miep and Jan attended Otto (Otto) and Anne Frank Hermann van Pels (Hermann van Pels) and his wife and several colleagues Miep. In the same year Guise has become the official director of Otto Frank`s company - he was forced to withdraw from the Board of Directors due to the new Nazi laws forbidding Jews to hold executive positions. Since then, the former company operated under the name of Frank `Gies & Co`.

The life of the Jews of Amsterdam complicated with each passing day; Ian decided that aside from what is happening, he just does not remain in a state of suffering and help is required. Helped Jews in Guise best of their ability - he was producing them illegal coupons for food, shelter, and looked for mined British newspapers. Helped Guise and the family of the Franks; it egostaraniyami they came to the shelter in the territory of `Gies & Co`. In the two years that the Franks lived in this shelter, Guise had time to visit them several times; he and his wife even spent the night in the shelter - in order to experience more suffering Franks.

Once someone unknown surrendered shelter Nazis, Miep Gies hid the records of Anne Frank. Of all the people hiding Miep and Jan, survived alone, Otto Frank; returned to Amsterdam in June 1945, he was seven years stopped at Guise, then moved to Switzerland (Switzerland) - at the time he thought it prudent to be closer to his mother.

In 1947, Anne Frank`s diary was published, and Jan and Miep Giza suddenly become extremely popular media personalities; a particularly strong interest in them attracted translating the diary into English and then turning it into a screenplay and theatrical production. Jan and Miep Gies regularly attended various events to commemorate the victims of the Nazis and lectures about Anne Frank, the nightmare of fascism and the need to confront it in all possible ways. Jan Gies died on 26 January 1993; at the time of his death he was 87 years old.