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Date of birth: 14.03.1986

Age: 30

Place of birth: Billingham

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Born March 14, 1986 in Billingeme, England

Bell was born and raised in Billingeme. Father, toolmaker, left the family before the birth of her son, and Jamie and his older sister Catherine raised by his mother, Eileen.

Katherine was dancing; sometimes it would come to class and Jamie - so began his love for dance.

Of course, in addition to dance classes, he went to school (Northfield School), and then started to get acting training at the School of Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

In 1999, Jamie walked more than 2,000 competitors in the casting for the role of Billy Elliot, 11-year-old boy from among the working class, who decided to escape from it, to seriously address the ballet (childhood fascination here really helped Bella).

`Billy Eliot` film debut was the Bell; after he had the honorary presidency of Giffoni Film Festival jury in 2001 (at age 15!), and the role of the servant-crippled Smike in Nicholas Nickleby, `` young soldier in the anti-war drama `` On the guard`s death and the teenager in the family drama `` tide.

The year 2005 was perhaps more successful than all previous combined: for the black comedy `Dear Wendy` and `Chumscrubber `critics admit Jamie one of the best actors of generation, and the role of cabin boy Jimmy in` King Kong `Peter Dzheksonadelaet Bella known worldwide (by the way, Bell also voiced Jimmy in a computer game, created based on the movie).

The 2006th Jamie starred in the film `Flags of Our Fathers` directed by Clint Eastwood, in 2007, starred in the movie `Hollem Fou`, for which he was nominated for the award` British Independent Film Awards `how `best actor`, and in 2008 th appeared in the sci-fi movie `Jumper` and military drama `` Call, tells of how the guerrilla unit Bielski brothers saved 1,200 people during the Holocaust (Jamie plays the youngest of three brothers).

In 2010, the screens released film `Eagle DevyatogoLegiona` where Bella get the role of a slave-Celt accompanying the lord of Hadrian`s Wall in search of his father`s legion, and in 2011 -` The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret edinoroga` in which Bell will play a major role; then followed by the second part of the adventures of Tintin, which will shoot Peter Jackson and the third, in which Jackson will work with Steven Spielberg.

Now Jamie Bell lives in two houses - in New York City and Chelsea - and it is known that in 2005-2006. he met with the actress Evan Rachel Wood, with whom starred in the clip group `Green Day` -` Wake Me Up When September Ends`.

Author: Yury Utkin

Website: Celebrities

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