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Education James received first in the walls of Stanford University (Stanford University), and then - at Harvard (Harvard University); First he received a bachelor`s degree, in the second - Master of Business Management. At half-time between receiving two diplomas Breuer worked as a consultant in the New York `McKinsey & Co`.

Some time Breuer was in Board of Directors `Wal-Mart Stores, Inc`; James served there as chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee and one of the directorships. We also know that the board of directors Breyerchislilsya `Marvel Entertainment` - right up to the purchase of the company `Disney`; Again, James zanimalya strategic planning and finance. Finally, Breuer was able to work on the board of directors `Dell Inc.`.

One only membership in the Board of Directors Breyer was not limited to; he had a chance to sit for his career and in a number of presidential and directors` chairs. A while James headed the National Venture Capital Association (National Venture Capital Association) and the Western Association of Venture Capitalists (Western Association of Venture Capitalists).

In December 2005, James Breyer was appointed honorary professor at the Academy Yuelu Academy of the Chinese University of Hunan University.

Breyer regularly participates in various committees of the World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum).

In April 2011 and May 2012. Breuer put on the first place in the magazine published the list of `Forbes` `Midas List` - the ranking of the most prominent and successful investors in the world.

In August of 2010, `` the Fortune Breyer also included in the list of `10 smartest people in today`s high-tech industry `.

September 2, 2011-th it was officially announced that Breuer will attempt to go to the board of directors `News Corporation`; the attempt was more than successful - Breuer scored 98% of the vote.

Breuer does not only investments, but also cultural and educational projects; among his charges listed Venture Program at Stanford University and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art).

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