James Vlassakis

Picture of James Vlassakis

Date of Birth: 12/24/1979

Age: 36

Citizenship: Australia


James Vlassakis (full name - James Spyridon Vlassakis) was born in 1979 in Australia (Australia).

Perhaps his name, as his life would never have been the subject of attention, if not James was the son of a friend known and dreaded serial killer, maniac named John Bunting (John Bunting).

Bunting came into the life of James, when he was 14 years old and actually replaced his father, the existence of which James could only guess. Later in his testimony, the guy admitted that Bunting almost fascinated him with its strong, charismatic personality. From conversations with his stepfather, James knew that to ever have to kill people - he heard terrible stories about the chipped pieces of the corpse, buried in the desert sand. James knew for certain then that talk about this, he never and no one can. However, he did not want. In addition, for a long time, John showed no manic tendencies and did not kill anyone. It was not until the meeting of Bob Wagner (Robert Wagner). First zhertvoyubiyts became mentally retarded neighbor. The poor guy had to endure nearly a month of brutal torture, from December 1995 to January 1996. By the way, when Banting managed to convince Vlassakisa that they have with Bob before a great goal - cleansing the world of pedophiles and homosexuals. However, neither one nor the other mentally challenged neighbor was not. Later Vlassakis say in court that he may not have believed in the `great missiyu`, but by his own admission, he was completely in the power of John was afraid of him to complete obedience.

Fear of Banting, by his own admission, did not allow him later to talk about the crime.

The next victim of criminals became the bride killed by her neighbor, who asked too many `voprosov`, searching for the missing groom.

Later, the victims of maniacs are even a few people, but in general the trial of serial killers Bunting and Wagner saw at least 11 episodes of crime.

Vlassakis was tried for taking part in four episodes. By the way, it turned out to be James` weak zvenom` in unraveling crimes couple Bunting, Wagner. The latter two refused all, and it Vlassakis, relying, inter alia, on the stories Bunting, was able to shed light on the true picture of many crimes, some of which were completely unknown to the police.

As for the killings, which took a direct part Vlassakis, it was the murder of Gary O`Duayera (Gary O`Dwyer), Frederick Brooks (Frederick Brooks) and, sadly, the two brothers, James - David Johnson (David Johnson ) and Yoda Troy (Troy Youde). By the way, the brother of James David fell victim just because Bunting often called him `pedikom`. Vlassakis himself was not sure that David was a homosexual, or even sure that it was not them, but it was James lured him to the crime scene. And that he subsequently, together with Wagner tried to withdraw money from the account of a relative strangled. It happened in May 1999.

Half-brother Troy Iodine has been the victim of what, in the words of James, he molested him when he was little. He was killed in August 1998.

29-year-old O`Duayer become the target of criminals only because, being mentally retarded and lived alone, he was a very easy target. In addition, the perpetrators hoped to get hold of a little easy money.

Approximately the same fate, and Brooks, also defective, who was killed September 17, 1998.

It is for Vlassakisa, both very young, really it took effect. And it has paid off. As a witness, James Vlassakis quite significantly `helped sledstviyu` in turn he hoped for a` lenient when making prigovora`.

Unlike his associates, Vlassakis pleaded guilty to all four charges of murder, including the murder of his half-brothers and mother.

Speaking at the same time a witness and the accused, Vlassakis has become one of the key characters of the process.

James turned Term life without parole.