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Professional skeptic on the Ukrainian "Battle of psychics "

James Randi and his foundation promised a million dollars to anyoneable to demonstrate the - under controlled conditions and under the supervision of experts - even the most minor miracle. Along with Randy fund in the United States operates a whole series of ` skepticheskih` organizations; one of the most famous is the `Independent Investigations Group IIG` James Underdown.

American researcher and entrepreneur ,the head of a non-profit educational organization `The Center for Inquiry` and founder of the volunteer movement ` Independent Investigations Group IIG`.

Education James Underdown was in the university DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana (Greencastle, Indiana); James majored in English.

In the period from 1982 to 1999-th Underdown worked as a school teacher, truck driver, limo driver, an artist, a clerk at the hotel, a loader, a carpenter and a bouncer. It is known that in the late `70s, James decided to fight with the bear tamer for offers a prize of $ 500.

In 1992 Underdown moved to Los Angeles (Los Angeles); replacing a whole series of works ,he managed to take courses in school comedians.

In May 1999, James got a job in the `Center for Inquiry` carpenter ; while Underdown could not even conceive of how high up the corporate ladder the organization he will rise.

In Los Angeles, James is actively engaged and kinodela ;he had to act as writer and director of two short films. The first film, ` A Day in the Life of Frank Sinatry` (`A Day in the Life of Frank Sinatra`), narrated about a homeless, according to the will of fate is a full namesake celebrity ; the second picture, `Dear Father`, is a black comedy. Besides,Underdown wrote and directed the play `Party of 13` -` mirskoy` retelling stories of the Last Supper. Around the same period, James created a television project `The Peep Show`; in total in the mid- 90s it has aired about 24 episodes of the series.

Now James the leading performer in rock and roll `The Heathens` group ;composition of this group takes a rather unusual - complete freedom of thought and skepticism. The group apart from James featuring guitarist Craig Els (Craig Else), keyboardist Dino Herrmann (Dino Herrmann), bassist Joel Pelletier (Joel Pelletier) and drummer John Skaare (John E. Skaare).project `IIG` Launched James Underdown specializes in the study of the many stories about the mystical, otherworldly and unknown to the scientific, skeptical and rational point of view. The Foundation offers a prize of $ 100,000 to anyone who could demonstrate a certain paranormal abilities under controlled conditions ;the project for a long time was considered as a kind of ` ploschadkoy` training for those wishing to appear before the court of another famous whistleblower supernatural, James Randi (James Randy).

Underdown performs regularly at all sorts of events and conferences to ` professional skeptikov` tirelessly exposing all sorts of magicians and psychics ,is proving to be a nimble jugglers, or at least clever scams.

In May of 2011, for example, at the conference `ReasonFest` Underdown demonstrated that current rumors of paranormal phenomena in fact not so far removed from the biblical stories (which he also refers explicitly to skepticism) . James played on the air quite a big television shows - like ` Show Fila` doctor (Dr. Phil show).

By the current moment provides all his court mystical phenomenon is proving to be absolutely ordinary and devoid of all sorts of paranormal vein.

In 2012, James joined the judges of the popular Ukrainian television show ` Battle ekstrasensov`. Underdown said that projects of this kind totally lacking reasonable skepticism and skepticism that promised to bring the project

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