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Date of Birth: 03/22/1947

Age: 69

Place of Birth: Newburgh

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Yuriy Belkin

Website: Celebrities

In 1935, already a famous film director Grigori Aleksandrov began to shoot his new tape entitled "Circus" with Lyubov Orlova in the title role. The film was dedicated to the international friendship of peoples. In a scenario in one of the episodes occurred tape "exposing" a white woman - actress Marion Dixon American circus. Her "crime" was that she gave birth to a black child. Partner actress by number Kneyshits - he played Paul Massalsky - ran into the arena of the circus, stopped the presentation and hysterical screaming at the whole hall that Mary - the mistress of a Negro. He displayed throughout the hall the fruit of her love - swarthy curly boy she carefully hid from prying eyes. But indignation, anger explosion that Kneyshits hoped to arouse the public, did not happen. It happened quite different: people with tenderness and kindness treated the child Mary. They seized him and began to pass, as the baton of friendship to each other. The boy laughed, walked confidently into his arms and bearded professor, and an elderly woman, and to the Red Army. After presentation of the American circus was going no where else, but in the Soviet Union, where people hold sacred multinational family friendship between peoples. Under the friendly laughter and whistling Kneyshits public, like a beaten dog, he left the arena with shame. And the people in unison began to sing a lullaby:

Sleep comes to the threshold,

Tightly you sleep.

One hundred ways, a hundred ways

For you are open!

In the end, under the lulling sounds of music the child fell asleep. "We want through the" Lullaby ", - said Grigory Alexandrov, - to convey to millions of viewers the idea that people of different nationalities in the Soviet Union found their homeland, equality and freedom."


Performers of all roles found, but with the "actor" in the role of the Negro, the son of Marion Dixon have difficulties. Where can I find a black little boy, able to embody the image of the scenario? Assistant director knocked down. They searched for him all over the country. Even looked in Gypsy camps and Moldova, and Ukraine, and in the suburbs.

But "the actor" was found in Moscow itself - the family black radio announcer Lloyd Patterson, who came to Russia from America, and his wife, artist Aralova Faith. Full name of the child was James Lloydovich Patterson. But at home all he was called Jim, or, affectionately, Dzhimka. After all, the future hero of the film "The Circus", which became famous all over the world, barely two years ....

Scene "Lullaby" filmed at night to day bustle and noise does not interfere with work. But the main argument in favor of night shooting was the fact that, say, at this time the child wants to sleep more, more naturally enters into his role, he will not have anything to "play". So as not to wake Dzhimku, agreed on the conditional signaling, special gestures with which the director and the operator will submit the team. And the soundtrack, which was under the survey, included a barely audible voice. And just a whisper pronouncing the word lullaby Lyubov Orlova: "Sleep, my baby, sweet sleep ...". The pavilion "Mosfilm" silence silent extras, usually silent noisy assistants, people walking silently, funny gesticulating. All eyes on black sleeping boy whom Orlov carefully, tenderly carries in her arms ...

Rent this stage neither the first, nor it was not possible on the second take. Dzhimka did not want to sleep. He looked looked strange situation: a movie camera, spotlights buzzing, people`s faces. He was cheerful and happy, endlessly naughty and building faces. The attention he clearly enjoyed. And when the moment of shooting, instead, began to laugh Dzhimka to sleep. We had to start all over again. In the end, the boy really scream, his eyes began to droop, and he fell asleep. Grigory Alexandrov gave the command, the operator turned on the camera, and a scene was filmed ...

During the filming there was a case for Jim`s father. Lyubov Orlova, ensuring the veracity of the image tsirkachki Mary learned to speak ... in Russian. This she willingly helped Lloyd Patterson. Foreign language was given to him with difficulty, he spoke with an accent, consistently mispronouncing words. But this is what had to be an actress for the role. She invited Lloyd to the shooting, a long time talking to him, trying to catch the peculiarities of his speech. What came out of it, it can be seen in the film.

In the episode, the final "Lullaby" circus director, played by famous actor operetta Vladimir Volodin, concluded with a kind smile at the camera: "In our country, like all children Give birth to your health as you want:. Little black, little white, reds, although blue, though pink, striped, gray though the bull`s eye, please! ". This joke has always acted on the audience without a hitch ...


In 1932, twenty-two year resident of the suburbs of New York, a graduate of Theatre College, Lloyd Patterson with a group of progressive writers and artists came from the United States to the Soviet Union to play in the film "Black and White", which was supposed to appear on the "Mezhrabpromfilme" .

The tremendous labor enthusiasm, the general rise, boil the first five buildings so amazed and shocked the young man, he decided to stay in a distant, but came to his liking country. He studied Russian language began to work on the radio announcer, Yuri Levitan befriended. transmission only, which he led, were not designed for the Soviet and for foreign listeners, as were English.

However, perhaps - who knows! - The main reason that prompted him to stay in the Soviet Union, was to get acquainted with the wonderful girl Vera Aralova - daughter of the First Cavalry Scout Budionov. He was passionately in love with her and did not want to part with it. The result of this love through the year was the birth of his son Jim, then another boy - Tom. Faith was a theater artist, an expert on costumes, worked at the Moscow Art Theater, paint. In addition, as a member of the artistic council of the Art Fund, she arranged for many years in the Soviet Union and abroad exhibitions of his fellow artists. She had the extraordinary ability to represent them well and profitably sell them. At home she had many paintings: and their own, and donated by friends - the famous masters of painting, whose names were known all over the world. Among these works in her apartment above the sofa and the picture hung a Stalin Prize, artist Yablonska in which she portrayed Faith Ippolitovna with its dark-skinned son Jim in his arms ... Aralova was one of the first costume designer who was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the RSFSR ". The initiator of the assignment to it of the title became Minister of Culture Ekaterina Furtseva. The Soviet Union has always frowned upon, were suspicious of marriages with foreigners. But Lloyd Patterson, a member of the executive committee MOPR (International Society for help revolutionaries - Auth.), The attitude of the authorities was quite loyal. No barriers, no reprisals after his marriage to a Russian girl was not followed. He was even allowed to meet with visiting foreigners, including his homeland - America.

However, the fate Lloyd Patterson, who found in Russia, his second home, was tragic. Misfortunes one by one pursued him. At the beginning of the war, in Moscow, he was hit by the bombing, was wounded, bruised, work on the radio had to interrupt. Together with his family, he was forced to evacuate in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Once the threat has passed the capture of the capital, Aralova Faith with the children returned home and waited for her husband. But he did not come or a month or two or three. As the water sank. She had no idea that her husband had long been dead. Lloyd fell ill with typhus, he could not be saved. He was buried in a foreign city strangers. For years Ippolitovna Faith, and then Jim Patterson tried to find his grave. But to find it because no one and failed. Like many other women of the time, life has prepared her fate single mothers. All the hardships of war and post-war life, taking care of children lay on her fragile shoulders ...


In order to somehow get out of the difficult situation, survive Ippolitovna Vera decided to make Jim`s Nakhimov Naval School. Soon, she received a letter from the Ministry of Defence that her son, a fifth grade student, admitted to the Nakhimov Naval School in Riga. Black guy, never in my eyes have not seen the sea, maritime career awaited. After Nakhimov he entered the Leningrad Higher Naval School, became an officer and swimming at the North Sea by ship, submarine, began to write poetry. Nowhere showed his literary talent. Love poetry is so seized him that he decided to radically change their fate. The appearance at the Moscow Institute of Literature of the young, handsome, funny nigger many shocked. This nobody has ever seen. Black guy, and even in the form of a naval officer - it was to be surprised. His poems, mostly nautical theme, all liked. Jim became a student of the Literary Institute and defended his honors degree in five years. His name began to appear in the poetry category for newspapers and magazines. Readers with interest the creative fate of the failed actor, former professional sailor and poet ...

In 1963, the publishing house "Young Guard" was a first book of poetry D. Patterson: "Russia. Africa". Then, one after another began to appear his collections of poetry: "The birth of the shower", "Interaction", "Winter swallow", "red line", "Bay Good start", "Breath larch". At the young poet`s work drew the attention of Mikhail Svetlov, Jaroslav Belyakov Constantine Vanshenkin Herman Flora - executive secretary of the association of poets of the Union of Soviet Writers. It is for their recommendations Jim Patterson was admitted to the Union of Writers. The creative poet card designated the year of entry -1967 th.

And with the ID member of the Union of Writers Jim Patterson traveled the country far and wide: visited Siberia, the Urals, the Far East, all major youth building sites - in Tyumen, at BAM in Nizhneagarske, Tynda on Siberian rivers, saw lights Nurek. The young poet, the young hero of the beloved to all of the film "The Circus", was a welcome guest everywhere. The audience took it as a movie star of the first magnitude ...


Faith Ippolitovna gently, dearly loved his son, genuinely proud of his success. She was extremely fond of him and would not let go of a single step. Very painfully experienced separation. And Jim, a big part of his life rosshey without a father, emerged as the man of whom they say: "Mama`s Boy". He did nothing without consulting his mother. As an adult in years, he was always, wherever they are, had to call my mom, let her know what time onvernulsya home. He shared with her and all the details of their hobbies. Being the romantic kind, Jim endlessly searching for his muse. That one, then another young lady appeared he was in the House of Writers and each time asking friends and acquaintances: "Well, how did she?". But none of them did not become his wife. It was only a young cheerful blond woman teacher from Zelenograd, he finally decided to link their fate. Her ten-year-daughter very kindly met her new black pope.

But Faith Ippolitovna son did not like the choice. She wanted him to wife sophisticated, intelligent, smart, and, in her opinion, Irina was a simpleton. Perhaps not without its effect relationship of Jim and his wife were not easy. From the side it seemed very odd couple: he lived by himself, and it is in itself. And although they did not divorce, the presence of the family could only speak with great reserve. And in connection with the departure of Jim abroad of their close relationship broke down and did ...


But with Lyubov Orlova and Alexandrov Gregory Jim he was very friendly. They felt each other some love. We enjoy every meeting. When the family of famous filmmakers celebrated kakoy-libo anniversary: ??your own or one of their movies - it turned out to be an indispensable party and Jim. When shooting in Riga picture of "Meeting on the Elbe", Orlova and Alexandrov visited the Nakhimov Naval School, which was a cadet Jim. They came to him specially to see his favorite. Orlov did not have their children. It seemed that all the tenderness of his unclaimed maternal feelings she wanted to give Jim. Once again, whether in jest, whether seriously, she said: "Who said that I have no children I have my kinosyn - Jim?". He often came to her dacha in Vnukovo. Lyubov regaled his heart. The very brewed for him strong tea, regaled with all sorts of sweets. Their friendship lasted until the very last days, Lyubov and Grigory Vasilevich.


In recent years, Jim Patterson and his mother Vera Ippolitovna life was particularly difficult. Print collection of poems, to earn a living has become virtually impossible. Neither the mother`s pension or pensions son is clearly not enough. For a long time they lived in the funds that were from renting apartments. In the end they came to the conclusion that they do not live in Russia. Mother and son decided to go to America. Relatives sent them a call. Jim has sold all the furniture, gave away to friends and acquaintances all their belongings and bought tickets AGENCY overseas.

Now they live in Washington. They say that Jim with an exhibition of paintings of his mother traveled the country, earning money. He tried to act in a movie, but it did not work out. And still, he says, trying to publish in English a collection of poems. In other words, in every possible way he tries to make a living. As it turned out, life in America is not easier than in Russia ...


Amazing metamorphoses in the life of the people. Lloyd Patterson came to the Soviet Union, she has found its second home here, family happiness. And his son - Jim Patterson, who was born in Russia and lived in it until the gray hair on the end of his life was forced to go to America, in the land of their ancestors. The harsh realities of our country in recent years have forced the poet to seek "shelter for inspiration" is not in their homeland and overseas.

By the conviction of his relatives and friends, he occasionally writes and calls, Jim left Russia not forever. He believes that he still happen to return to their homeland. Unless, of course, have the strength and health ...

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