James Nesbitt

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Date of Birth: 01/15/1965

Age: 51

Place of birth: Ballymena

Citizenship: Ireland

Who played Bofur in "The Hobbit"?

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Nesbitt was born in Ballymena, Antrim (Ballymena, County Antrim); he later moved to Coleraine, Londonderry (Coleraine, County Londonderry). Nesbitt originally planned to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a teacher; For this, he even started to learn French at the University of Ulster (University of Ulster). Education James, however, was never finished - a year later he changed his mind and planned to become an actor. Dropping out of university, James moved to the Central School of acting and oratory (Central School of Speech and Drama) in London (London), which focused on the study of science and technology required for a new life path. He graduated from the study of the secrets of the actor`s case Nesbitt in 1987; over the next 7 years, he has used these skills in practice, playing all sorts of performances and productions. List of productions in which Nesbitt managed to play, was quite extensive; there were musicals such as `Up on the Roof`, and political dramas like` Paddywack`.

In 1991, James Nesbitt first starred in the film - he got the role Fintan O`Donnell (Fintan O`Donnell) in the film `Hear my pesnyu` (` Hear My Song`).

The breakthrough on the small screen `` Nesbitt waited in 1998 - that`s when he got the role of Adam Williams (Adam Williams) in the romantic comedy `Cold Feet`. The role was incredibly successful; Nesbitt received a number of prestigious prizes and awards, such as `British Comedy Award`, `Television and Radio Industries Club Award` and `National Television Award`. The first major film role Nesbitt also played in 1998; it was the breeder Finn (Finn) in the film `Surprise antiquity Neda` (` Waking Ned`). For this role, James - along with the rest of the team - was nominated for a SAG Award. His first major role in a feature film actor was in 2001 - it was then that he played Jimmy Hands (Jimmy Hands) in the film `Lucky Break`. A year later, Nesbitt won the role of Ivan Cooper (Ivan Cooper) in the television movie `Bloody Sunday`; this role is very different from the cheerful and funny images which actor played before that, however, Nesbitt professionally went only benefit. The new image of James opened his way to a new level of acting activity; In addition, the role of Cooper brought Nesbitt Award British Independent Film (British Independent Film Award) and a nomination for `` TV Award British Academy of Film and Television Arts (British Academy Television Award) in the category `Best Actor `(` Best Actor `).

In the period from 2001 to 2007 Nesbitt played undercover detective Tommy Murphy in the project `Murphy`s Law`; this role has been designed specifically for `nego` screenwriter show, Colin Bateman (Colin Bateman). Accustomed to the way Murphy Nesbitt just brilliant; This role earned him two nominations for the title of `Best Award akter` `Irish Film & Television Awards`.

In 2007, James Nesbitt has played a dual role - Tom Jackman (Tom Jackman) and Mr. Hyde (Mr Hyde) - staged by Steven Moffat (Steven Moffat) `Jekyll` (Jekyll); For this role, Nesbitt was nominated for the `Golden globus`.

In 2012, Nesbitt won the role of a dwarf Bofur (Bofur) in the film adaptation of Tolkien `Hobbita`; the first film in the series was filmed in 2012, and the third is due out in 2014.

Nesbitt is married; he and his wife, former actress Sonia Forbes-Adam (Sonia Forbes-Adam) two daughters. It is known that James Nesbitt actively supports a number of charitable projects.

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