James Bulger

Picture of James Bulger

Date of Birth: 03/16/1990

Age: 2

Place of birth: Liverpool

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The tragic fate of the boy

James Patrick Bulger (James Patrick Bulger) was born in 1990 in the English Liverpool (Liverpool, Merseyside, England), in the family of Ralph Bulger Stephen (Ralph Stephen Bulger) Bulger and Denise (Denise Bulger).

The name of this two-year baby was notorious in connection with the tragic events that took place February 12, 1993. For Denise, the baby`s mother went to the day shopping at the company`s girlfriend of his brother. The supermarket `New Strand Shopping Centre` she took it and his son James. Later, after leaving the supermarket, where her pretty little son have fun and mess done in the department of children`s wear, women went into a butcher`s shop. Babe Denise left outside, and when the mother came out of the store, her son James in place, alas, was not. Video cameras recorded that the two-year James took away two boys, happened at 15:42.

Later accident found three kilometers from the shopping center, on the railway bed in Walton (Walton), found his body two days after the disappearance. As it turned out later, the child was severely beaten, his face has appeared filled with paint, and a boy on the tracks simply left to die.

James Patrick Bulger killers were Venebls John (Jon Venables) and Robert Thompson (Robert Thompson), are both born in 1982.

Later investigation found that the two boys were from dysfunctional families. John Venebls was one of four children in the family, and his parents are constantly converge and diverge. So, the whole family lived in a constant state of change. By the way, John was the only one of the four who have not had any problems with the development of - his two brothers and sister had those or other deviations from the norm.

Friend John, Robert Thompson, was one of six sons in the family, and they were left to themselves - mother, who was left without a husband, more and more fond of alcohol. By the way, Robert was usually quiet, not rushed forward, and at school behaved more cleverly. We know that wanting to appear more aggressive than he is in fact, the boy tried just in case more bad language, but seriously it is still not perceived.

Later it turned out that the kid threw the unfortunate die juvenile killers because they hoped so traces of the crime - left on the tracks, it is, according to them, sooner or later it had to be under the wheels of a train.

During the process, (and in Britain then tried criminals to 10 years), the two killers did not show the slightest remorse, but both looked pretty scared. During the process of public opinion in the country simply boiled - one required the most severe punishment for juvenile murderers, while others insisted that because the early childhood, the two just do not know what they do. By the way, the reasons on which friends have decided on such a brutal murder, they have not called. Venebls John and Robert Thompson each received the maximum of 10 years.

In 2000, the sentence was revised, and in June 2001 Venebls and Thompson were released. In accordance with the regulations, they have new names and documents. Place both, as well as all other offenders in similar circumstances, the authorities are kept in strict confidence. Procedure for the change of names and place of residence have undergone and their families.

It is no secret that killed James Bulger family was just smitten by the news of the early release of the killers of their son.

It is known that after the trial, and after the birth of their second son, James `parents` marriage has cracked, and they parted. Divorce ended in 1995. Denise married again, for Fergus Stewart (Stuart Fergus), and they had two sons. Ralph with his second wife had three daughters.