James Brydges

Picture of James Brydges

Date of Birth: 06/01/1673

Age: 71


Is the son of Sir James Bridges (Sir James Brydges), Sheriff of Herefordshire (Herefordshire) and eighth Baron Chandos (8th Baron Chandos) and his wife Elizabeth Barnard (Elizabeth Barnard). Three days after his father`s death on October 16 th 1714 inherited the title of Baron; later he became the first Viscount Wilton (1st Viscount Wilton) and the first Earl Karnarvonskim (1st Earl of Carnarvon). In the period from 1698 till 1714 the first sat in Parliament from Herefordshire.

For the first time Bridges married on February 2 nd 1695, Lake Mary (Mary Lake); childhood managed to survive only two of their children together. Lake died on the 15th of September 1712-th; August 4 1713th Bridges married Cassandra Willoughby (Cassandra Willoughby). This marriage did not bring children James and over, like the first, the death of his wife. Not more productive and was the third marriage Bridges, Lydia Catherine van Hatten (Lydia Catherine Van Hatten).

James Bridges studied at Westminster School (Westminster School) and New College, Oxford (New College, Oxford); in 1694 th he was admitted to the London Royal Society (Royal Society).

During the War of the Spanish Succession (War of the Spanish Succession) Bridges served abroad with the rank of Chief treasurer - that the most positive impact on their well-being. Some of his `operatsii` in terms of morality and ethics, look, at least, doubtful; however, in those days it was just not made to stop people to use his official position for personal gain. He continues to occupy a profitable investment and James as the Duke of Chandos - though with much less success; collapse Yuzhnomorskogo Bubble (South Sea Bubble) and Construction Company of York (York Buildings Company) was hit hard in his pockets.

The real pride of belonging to him was James Manor in Kennons near Edgware in Middlesex (Cannons, Edgware, Middlesex); he worked on the construction of a number of prominent British architects.

In memory of descendants Bridges was not least thanks to his close friendship with the legendary German-English composer George Handel (Georg Frideric Handel) and the no less legendary English poet and translator of Alexander Pope (Alexander Pope). Patronize Handel James began before the receipt of the ducal title - in the period from 1717 to 1718-th-th Georg lived and worked on the estate Bridges. It was then that Handel wrote the oratorio `Ester` (` Esther`) and pastoral opera Acis and Galateya` `(` Acis and Galatea`). His patron composer shone a series of hymns; the first time they were performed in the parish church in Whitchurch (Whitchurch) - by the way, the body which played Handel, intact to this day.

The second ward Bridges, Alexander Pope, in his time became the center of local significance of the scandal - the poet was suspected that he ridiculed his benefactor in one of his works. Pope claimed that the controversial character unrelated to Baron Chandos has; judging by their subsequent correspondence, James Bridges in this particular do not doubt.

In 1719-m James has become one of the main sponsors of the Royal Academy of Music (Royal Academy of Music) - the organization at that time a little-known, but in the future - which played a very, very important role in the development of Baroque opera in London.

Bridges died on August 9 th 1744 th; They were buried in the St. Lawrence, Whitchurch (St Lawrence, Whitchurch), not far from the first two wives. Third wife, managed to survive the Baron, moved after his death in Berkshire (Berkshire).