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American expert on roboticsThe development of unmanned vehicles for a long time proved to be an extremely promising direction ; in the United States one of the leading researchers and engineers in this field is considered to be James Albus, robotics specialist, and real-time systems.

Born James Albus in Louisville, Kentucky (Louisville, Kentucky);BS in Physics, he received a Wheaton College in Illinois in 1957, and a Master of Electrical Engineering degree - at the University of Ohio in 1958. In 1972, James received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland.

From 1957 till 1973rd Albus he worked for NASA. He started in 1957-m he `Vanguard` project in the research division of the American Navy in Washington. From 1958 till 1969, James was the first physicist - engineer in the Space Center `Goddard`; in 1963, he became acting head of the video section.

From 1969 to March 1973, James served as the head of the section of subsystems and cybernetics.

In 1960s he participated in the creation of early variations of satellite programs `Vanguard` and was responsible for the optical position sensors 7 satellites ` Goddard`, more than ten geophysical rockets and more than 15 NASA space ships.

From 1973 to 2008 the Albus worked at the National Bureau of Standards. In 1980, this organization changed its name ;it is now called the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

From March 1973 to June

1980, James served as a project manager in a group of computer technology and control sensors. In this group, Albus was working on a model of a neural network for computer arithmetic cerebellar variations.

From June 1980 to January 1981-Albus led a group of programmable automation ; Here he worked on the development of the reference model of the real -time control system architecture (RCS) for a group study of automated production.

From 1981 to 1996, James led the division robotic systems, and it is based. It was here that he developed the project `RoboCrane` and offered a number of RCS application architecture for DARPA, NASA, ARL, the US Bureau of Mines ,` Ford` and `General Motors`.

In 1995, James became the head of the group Intelligent Systems Institute ; Here he led a team of 35 scientists and engineers, operating a total budget of $ 8 million. Among other things, Albus worked on the architecture of 4D / RCS for military research laboratories and a pilot project to establish an unmanned vehicle. He continued to work on projects skhoimi James and then from 1998 to 2008 - th ;error status: 400Virginia), he began to study the human brain device ; Albus development were to facilitate an understanding of computer systems and reporting mechanisms, working in our brain.

From 2008 to 2011- James also worked (in parallel with the main activity) in `Robotic Technology Incorporated and Robotic Research, LLC`.

In 1962-m James received the largest cash prize in the history of NASA ; rewarded him for the creation of a digital sensor position of the sun.

In 1984, Albus was awarded ` robotehnicheskoy` named Joseph Engelbergera Prize. In addition, James has received a number of awards for his pioneering work in the theory of management, such as the award of the Japanese Association of industrial robots ,gold and silver medals of the Ministry of Commerce or the Prize of applied research NIST

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