Izaak Gruenbaum

Picture of Izaak Gruenbaum

Date of Birth: 11/27/1879

Age: 90

Place of birth: Warsaw

Citizenship: Israel


Yitzhak Gruenbaum born November 27, 1879 in Warsaw, in a family of well-known figure Haskalah movement. In 1881 the family moved to Plonsk where Grinboym received his primary education at the cheder and gymnasium. After graduating from high school Grinboym returned to Warsaw and entered the law faculty of the University of Warsaw.

Journalistic work and the beginning of political activity

Journalistic work Grinboym became engaged while still a student, in 1901. He wrote in Hebrew, Russian. Yiddish and Polish. In his articles, he adhered to the ideas of the Zionist current "Service modernity", inspirer of which was Martin Buber. Proponents of these ideas were of the opinion that only a return to the Holy Land can be solved Jewish national problem. but at the same time, they believed that it is necessary to pay attention to the development of the Jewish diaspora. They were of the opinion that it is necessary to strengthen the social and economic status of the Jews living in the Diaspora, to allow them to resettlement in Palestine. Grinboymtak was also, together with Ze`ev Jabotinsky, one of the co-authors of "Helsigforskogo plan", the program of the Zionist movement in the struggle for equal rights for all national minorities. Grinboym participated in all Zionist congresses, consistently defending the rights of the secular Jews and fighting for the status of Yiddish in the Zionist institutions.

The Polish Diet

In 1919 Grinboym become a deputy of the Polish Sejm. Within the framework of parliamentary work Grinboym participated in the work of the Constitutional Commission, it was one of the developers of the Constitution of the Polish Republic. In 1922 he created in the Sejm "minority block", uniting Russian, Ukrainian. Germans. Jews and other ethnic minorities in Poland. The unit aimed to resist the program division of Poland into electoral districts as well as the separation was planned in such a way as to neutralize the electoral potential of the national minorities. Under the leadership of Grinboyma Jewish parties were able to achieve unprecedented success - to get 35 parliamentary seats in seyme.V 1927 Grinboym decided to boycott the party representatives of religious orthodoxy "Agudat Yisrael" and as a result, none of the representatives of this party not passed in the Diet. In response, in 1930 the party "Agudat Israel" put its own candidate in the same constituency, which ran Grinboym, popular with Rabbi Aaron Lewin local Jews. And Yitzhak Gruenbaum lost the election, yielding its place to Levin.

The Zionist activity

Grinboym was one of the founders of the Association "Tarbut" (Culture), engaged in the development of secular Jewish culture and education among the Jews of the Diaspora. He also served as head of the Jewish community in Israel in Poland, and the head of the Israel Development Fund & # 1500;) in this country.

In Palestine

In 1925 Grinboym first visited Palestine. In 1933, the Eighteenth Zionist Congress of was elected to the Zionist leadership. In the same year he moved from Poland to live in Palestine. Since that time and until 1948 he held various rukovodyaschieposty the Jewish Agency and Zionist trade unions. He also headed the "Bialik Institute", dedicated to the conservation and dissemination of the Jewish cultural heritage.

State of Israel Education

In April 1948, on the eve of the State of Israel, Grinboym was elected to the People`s government "(& # 1502; & # 1504; & # 1492; & # 1500; & # 1514; & # 1492; & # 1506; & # 1501;.), and was appointed the first Minister of Internal Affairs of Israel on this post Grinboym organized the training of the first election to the Knesset, which ran at the head of your own list of "Schedule Yitzhak Gruenbaum" But the list could not overcome the electoral barrier..

After leaving the government

After the defeat in the elections Yitzhak Gruenbaum moved to Gan Shmuel kibbutz member who was his son. Here he deals with editorial and publishing activities. Among them prepared for the publication of books such as "diaspora Encyclopedia", "The Zionist movement and its development" and many others.

Yitzhak Gruenbaum died in 1970.