Ivy Bean

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Citizenship: United Kingdom

STAR project Tweeter

Ivy Bean (Ivy Bean, -? 28.07.2010) - a resident of the UK. It was known as the oldest Tweeter user project.

For twitter Bean watched over 56,000 users of popular microblogging service. On the death of Ivy and pretty quickly became known in Tweeter - bad news reported by Pat Wright, manager `Menor` Hillside (Hillside Manor) - places where Bing has spent the last few days.

The Tweeter Ivy was registered in 2008; by this time she had already enjoyed a year of the popular social network Facebook. Pretty soon it became known that Bean is the oldest participant in the project; that`s what attracted the attention of users. Among its readers were celebrities such as singer Peter Andre (Peter Andre), actor Chris Evans (Chris Evans) and the wife of former Prime Minister Sarah Brown (Sarah Brown).

As Mrs. Wright told me not to love Ivey was impossible - she was a real lady, and never in my life did not say a single bad word about anyone. Peter Andre - who met personally with bin in September 2009 - said that it is extremely disappointed to hear the news and offered condolences to the family Ivy.

In Internet Mrs. Bean came out through odiniz office computers local social service, situated in a nursing home in Bradford County West Yorkshire (Bradford, West Yorkshire). Initially it was intended only for the staff, but they soon allowed to use it and their wards. In 2007, Ivey was registered on Facebook and soon received 15-16 thousand (!) Per day. A year later she came and Tweeter. Bean told him basically about my life and about my friends. His last message - `I go for lunch soon vernus` (going to have my lunch now will be back later) - it ostavila6 th July. Posts in her microblog appeared, and thereafter; left, however, they have not it. Pat Wright informs readers about the state of Ivey. Naturally, her illness could not attract the attention of her fans - well, all the same Andre personally called the nursing home and spoke with Mrs. Bean.

June 14 th Ivey was sent to the hospital; she found jaundice.

Friends told us that Mrs. Bean sincerely enjoyed its popularity - the media sphere was an important part of her life. No one expected her to leave this world quietly. However - according to BBC News sources - Ivy died in his sleep.