Ivan Groznyi

Picture of Ivan Groznyi

Date of Birth: 08/25/1530

Age: 53

Place of birth: a. Kolomenskoye near Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

biography ( "The rulers of Russia", "SATIS" St. Petersburg 1993)

Born in Moscow on 25 August 1530 g .; after the death of his father the Emperor declared under the tutelage of the mother 3 December 1533 g .; maternal death (see para. 88) was in custody Shuiskis princes, Basil first, followed by Ivan in 1538 g .; for the overthrow of Prince Ivan Shuisky he became a pet of Prince Ivan Belsky in 1539 g .; personally I dispose manufacturer of Moscow to protect against Crimeans summer 1541 .; I saw her again a guardian of Prince Ivan, Shuisky, who managed to overthrow Prince Ivan Belsky in 1542 .;

once in custody instead of one to three Prince Ivan Shuisky, suddenly he ordered the execution of the chief of them, Prince Andrew, and declared himself the autocrat of 29 December 1543 g .; I put over all the princes Glinsky, his uncle, in 1544 g .; executing and Mila seditious boyars, had sent two armies of Kazan in 1545 g .; It was three weeks at the shelves in the camp in Kolomna in 1546 g .; He was crowned king on 16 January came in first marriage (with Anastasia, see. 17) on 13 February saw the destruction of Moscow by fire on the 24th and killing Prince George Glinski, his uncle, the Moscow mob on 25 June recognized the notorious priest Sylvester and publicly confessing sins of his reign, there on Calvary, surrounded himself Alexei Adasheva in 1547 g .; speaking at Kazan returned from Lower for besputitsey in 1548 .; unsuccessfully besieged Kazan and unveiled the famous Code of Law in 1550 .;

established a permanent army of archers, Kazan prescribed conditions of the world, was laid Sviyazhsk and convoked in Moscow Cathedral, known as Stoglavy, in 1551 g .; after a glorious siege of Kazan took by storm Oct. 2, 1552 g .; after a serious illness, marked by the seditious boyars in samogoodra sovereign (March 11), first started in Moscow in Russia printing press in 1553 .; honor in Moscow Chancellor, captain of the first English ship arrived at the site of present Arkhangelsk, and received the news of the conquest of the Moscow Power Astrakhan July 2, 1554 g .; signed the first trade treaty with England, he unveiled scribe the mandate and laid the St. Basil`s Cathedral (Church of St. Basil) in Moscow in 1555 g .; He received Russian citizenship Bashkirs and courage Ivan older Sheremetev in combat on Sudbischah (village Novosilsky County Tula province) got rid of the invasion to Moscow Crimean hordes Devlet Giray in 1556 g .; He started the war with Livonia, where the royal governors were taken Narva, Nyslott, Neuhaus, Dorpat, Veeen-berg and devastated the whole region to the Revel in 1558 .;

I learned about the capture in Livonia has 11 cities with the most up to the edge of ruin of Prussia, had sent to the Crimea Daniel Adasheva, there defeated the entire West Bank, and bestowed rich merchants Stroganov in Perm perpetual possession of land to the shores of Sylva and Chusovaya in 1559 g .; Anastasia lost, deleted Sylvester, ordered the judge Adasheva and, in the words of the chronicler, "the beginning of byti yarchi exceedingly commit adultery" in 1560 g .; He married again (see para. 128), and opened the first era of executions in 1561 g .; quarrel against King Sigismund August for refusing to hand his sister (Catherine), declared war on Poland in 1562 .; personally I took Polotsk 15 February 1563 g .; I received the book "Acts of St. The Apostle ", the first of the printed in the Moscow printing house, and went with the whole family in Alexander`s Settlement (now the county town of the province of Vladimir Alexandrov) December 3, 1564 g .;

I issued a charter Oprichnina third and opened the second era of executions February 4, 1565 g .; convened for the first time and put thought Zemsky Metropolitan St. Philip, abbot of Solovki in 1566 .; opened the third era executions and, speaking personally to the Polish campaign of Rshanskogo pit (near Novgorod) returned to the Alexander suburb in 1567 g .; He ordered to seize St. Philip, who had served Mass, and sent him chained to the Founding of the monastery in 1568 g .; "I took his hand" Kuchum, Siberian king, and widowed a second time, opened the fourth era executions conclude strangulation St. Philippe in 1569 .; Wedge punished, bloodying Tver and executed terrible "pogrom" Novgorod in 1570 .; on the ruins of Moscow, Incinerate Devlet Giray Crimean, otpiroval his third marriage (see para. 134) October 28, but was widowed on September 13 and immediately opened the fifth era of executions in 1571 g .;

to obtain for himself a conciliar resolution of the fourth marriage (see para. 25), which is celebrating personally devastated the whole of Estonia in 1572 g .; held talks with the Ambassador of Lithuania Garaburdoy glad to erect herself or her son, Prince Ivan (see para. 99), on the Polish throne in 1573 g .; vows his fourth wife in 1574 .; took for himself without the permission of the cathedral fifth wife (see para. 27), he moved in Staritsa and opened the sixth era executions, remarkable ingenuity kind of last, in 1575 g .; caused by different artists, foreigners and received in Moscow Stefan Batory ambassadors, the new King of Poland, in 1576 g .; made a successful trip to the unhappy Livonia, marked by tyranny in the capture of Wendy and by sending to the monastery fifth wife, he got himself a sixth, as they call her contemporaries, "zhenische" (see para. 43), 1577 g .;

He began experiencing failures in Livonia, where lost Wenden in 1578 .; I received a declaration of war from the Stefan Batory Foundation and lost Polotsk taken Batory, in 1579 g .; convened in Moscow Cathedral "not which for the sake of the king of things," lost 10 towns from Velizh to Look Great taken Bathory, and played their seventh wedding (see para. 132) in September 1580 .; suffered permanent injury from the Batory, humiliated in front of him in the person of its ambassadors, anxiously watched from Staritsa glorious defense of Pskov, Prince Peter Shuisky and killed his own in the Alexander settlement for his son, Tsarevich Ivan on November 19, 1581 .; Siberian took the kingdom, conquered by Ermak Moscow, Volga Cossack pirate, in 1582 .; He lost to the Swedes for peremirnomu contract Yam (Yamburg), Ivangorod and Koporje in 1583

He died in Moscow, taking the monk, March 18, 1: 184, his body is buried in Moscow`s Cathedral of the Archangel.

Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible was married seven times: 1) Anastasia Romanovna Zakharina-Koshkina; 2) Marya Temryukovna, Kabardian princess; 3) to Marfa Sobakina; 4) Anna Alekseevna Koltovskaya; 5) Anna Grigorievna Vasilchikova ;! 6) a widow Basilissa Melentieva and 7) by Maria Fedorovne Nude (cm. 17, 128, 134, 25, 27, 43 and 132). From these marriages I had children: the first - sons Dmitri (died 1553). Ivan (99 cm.), Theodore (later King, 203 cm.) And three daughters; the second - the son of Basil (died 1563.); on the seventh - the son of Tsarevich Dmitry, revered saints (74 cm.).