Ivan Bushuev

Picture of Ivan Bushuev

Citizenship: Russia


The son of a factory untershihtmeystera, known at that time in the Ural artist-nugget Nicholas Nikitovich Bushueva. He studied at the School of mining, since 1815 began working in the factory drafting, where under the guidance of his father and AE Telezhnikov, known at that time in the factory painters, was good training for the artist. In December 1817, she was adopted in training the German artists, gunsmiths Schaffs. In a very short time he mastered the skill of border regions the forging of weapons and became a specialist for high-end decorating knives. Since 1823, after leaving the factory Schaffs became foreman department decorated weapon. Perfected the technique of gilding "through the fire", he made more durable and reliable connection of gold and steel. It is considered to be the creator of the Zlatoust engraving on steel.

The most important in his work was the creation of thumbnails on the theme of Russian history. For the first time at the Zlatoust arms factory Bushuyev became decorate weapons multifigured battle scenes, the central figure of the compositions the artist did not generals, and soldiers. His imagination has created, and the talent immortalized on the metal image of rushing winged horse, which now adorns the coat of arms of Chrysostom and became a symbol of the city. And the legendary artist began to call the people Ivanko-Samara. Bushueva works are kept in many museums around the country. His name one of the streets in the center of Chrysostom named. In 1988, on the forecourt of the city is a monument to I. Bushuyev. Zlatoust author of the monument sculptor and painter V. Zharikov.