Ivan Bolshakov

Picture of Ivan Bolshakov

Date of Birth: 09/27/1902

Age: 77

Citizenship: Russia


Ivan G. Bolshakov was born in the village of Moscow suburb, in the province of Tula in 1902 in the family of tradesman. In 1916, at age 14, Bolshakov went to work in the Tula Arms Plant, worked first stanovschikom, then assembling. In 1922 he went to Moscow and entered the Moscow Higher Technical School on the right department, where he studied until 1924. Then Ivan G. went to study at the Moscow Institute of Plekhanov, who graduated in 1928. Subsequently, he has received his education in the Economic Institute of Red Professors in 1931 godu.Esche while studying at the institute Bolshakov worked as an instructor of the District Committee of Trade Unions of Metalworkers, and since 1927 in the Trade unions in the Soviet Union served as secretary of the Bureau of Proletarian Students. After graduating from the Moscow Institute, Bolshakov became a student of Economics Institute of Red Professors, while working in the Trade Unions. Since 1931, education received Economic Institute, Bolshakov joined the Council of People`s Commissars case management consultant. In 1937 he was appointed deputy chief of staff of SNK, and a year later he became a manager, having served in this position for two goda.V. Levko and Kiselev - Duet Lyubasha and Dirty Tsar`s Bride In 1939, Bolshakov was appointed chairman of the Committee for Cinematography under the Sovnarkom. After dating back to 1946. The Committee was transformed into the Ministry of Cinematography, Film Bolshakov became minister, received the leadership of the film industry in the USSR. His task only those films that performed the ideological function was avoided. On the post of minister of cinematography Bolshakov stayed long enough that it was very rare under Stalin. This is due to the qualities of the minister: he was the perfect performer, and not in the habit to expose their employees to the answer that was quite common at the time. Bolshakov did not take part in various political games and it went only to his benefit. After Stalin`s death, the Ministry of Cinematography has been included in the Ministry of Culture, and Bolshakov was it in the rank of deputy minister. In 1950, Ivan G. received a PhD in Contemporary Art. Since 1953, Bolshakov was the deputy minister of foreign trade. In 1960 he was appointed Chairman of the State Council of Ministers` Committee for Cultural Relations with other countries. In 1963, Ivan G. Bolshakov retired. He died in 1980 and is buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery. Bolshakov was awarded two Orders of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.