Ivan Bolotnikov

Picture of Ivan Bolotnikov

Citizenship: Russia


Returning home through Poland, he was in Sambor to Molchanov, posing as the king Demetrius escaped. Molchanov Bolotnikova sent a letter to the Putivl governor, Prince Shakhovskoy. Last commissioned him a detachment of 12,000 people. With them went to Bolotnikov Komarnicki town and everywhere spread the rumor that he had seen Demetrius appointed him chief warlord. SHUISKI sent against Bolotnikova detachment under the command of Prince Yuri Trubetskoy, but the latter met with Kromy Bolotnikov retreated. This was the signal for the uprising of many cities, is sent to the Bolotnikov auxiliary units; serfs and peasants, on hearing an appeal Bolotnikova almost everywhere rose to their masters and sided with his squad. I rebelled and Mordvinians, hoping to get rid of the Moscow authorities. In addition, to Bolotnikov militia sided languor Pashkov, stuck to it and Lyapunov - Zahar and Procopius - and a detachment of freemen, who came from Lithuania. Bolotnikov moved to the capital. Stand in the way of the city all recognized the authority of the chief magistrates of Demetrius; Only in Kolomna dared to resist, and it led to a complete looting of the city. At 50 miles from Moscow, near the village of Trinity, I met Bolotnikov Moscow army under the command of Mstislav, who did not join the battle, barely escaped from Bolotnikova persecution. October 22, 1606 Bolotnikov stopped in the village of Kolomenskoye, seven miles from Moscow. Here he built a fort and began to send to Moscow and various cities of ratification, arousing the people against the rich and famous, and encouraging all to kiss the cross rightful Tsar Dimitry Ivanovich. Bolotnikov militia here has increased even more; He stood out from the individual gangs, mostly slaves, who with their raids and robberies held in the capital of a state of siege. But then in the army Bolotnikov was split: on one side there were nobles and knights, on the other serfs, Cossacks and generally small nameless people. In the last chapter was Bolotnikov, as the heads of the first - languor Pashkov and Lyapunov brothers. Between the leaders of any disagreement, and the result was their defection to the first Lyapunovs Shumsky, then languor Pashkov. Shumsky, meanwhile actively accept the strengthening of Moscow, from the appearance of Bolotnikova now began to receive reinforcements from moving to his side of the city, which is sent to him the militia of nobles and boyars` children. A number of successful attacks on the prison Bolotnikova makes last run out of Moscow. Bolotnikov stayed in Kaluga; She strengthened her, gathered up to 10,000 fugitives and prepared for defense. Sent here Shuiski units (most under the command of Mstislav) surrounded the city from all sides, made frequent attacks, pitched approaches to help Bolotnikov militia under the command of Prince Masalsky, but the energy Bolotnikova remained unshaken; Only one of his confused: was not named Dimitri. Then among the Terek and Volga Cossacks, a new pretender, who took the name of Prince Peter, supposedly the son of Fyodor Ivanovich, overridden daughter, soon died; he had already approached the Putivl and im then Prince Shakhovskoy decided to take to maintain the uprising. He onotpravil it to Tula, and then moved himself. On the revenue Bolotnikov he sent a detachment under the command of Prince Telyatevsky. Last broke the royal governor, princes Cherkassky and Tatev, near Kaluga, on Bee (2 May). Then Bolotnikov made a sortie from Kaluga and went to Tula, where there were already Shakhovskoy and Peter. June 30 approached Tula with a large army (about 100 thousand people) king SHUISKI. The siege of Tula, which lasted a little more than three months. At the suggestion of Murom boyar son Kravkov, Upa dam was flooded Tula, where the famine came. Negotiations for the surrender. The king promised Bolotnikov Shakhovskoy and mercy, and October 10, 1607 Boyar Kolychev took Tula. Bolotnikov appeared before Shuisky, took off his sword, put before the king, struck his forehead to the ground and uttered an oath to serve the king, right to the grave, if he, according to his kissing, not order to kill him. Bolotnikov rebellion and other superiors after questioning jailed in Kargopol. Here first Bolotnikov gouged out his eyes, and then drowned.