Ivan Benediktov

Picture of Ivan Benediktov

Date of Birth: 03/23/1902

Age: 81

Citizenship: Russia


He worked as a laborer. Since 1927 the People`s Commissariat of Agriculture agronomist and Kolhoztsentre Uzbekistan. In 1930 joined the CPSU (b). In 1930-1931 he served in the Red Army, the political instructor. Since 1931 deputy director and director of the Moscow Regional Trust vegetable growing farms. I made a quick career in the face of massive arrests of party and economic cadres. In August 1937 - April 1938 the People`s Commissar of RSFSR grain and livestock of collective and in March - April 1938odnovremenno deputy. prev. SNK RSFSR. Since April 1937 the 1 st Deputy Commissar, Commissar of Agriculture to 11/15/1938 USSR. Since 1939 member of the CPSU (b), at the XVIII party conference he was transferred to the candidates to the Central Committee. 12/11/1943 IV Stalin considered that the work Benediktova insufficiently successful, and transferred him to the position of 1st Vice-Commissar. 19.03.1946 again headed the USSR Ministry of Agriculture, which through a series of escalations 04/02/1947 rose to the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR. In 1946-1950 and 1954-1962 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In 1952-1971 member of the CPSU Central Committee. After Stalin`s death, "dropped out of the cage," 3/15/1953 lost his position and was appointed ambassador to India. 01/09/1953 Venediktov returned to the Government the Minister of Agriculture and blanks, and with 25/11/1953 -Minister of Agriculture of the USSR. On 02.03.1955 Minister of State Farms of the USSR, at the same time in December 1956 - May 1957, Deputy Chairman of the State Economic Commission of USSR Council of Ministers. 30/05/1957 Ministry Benediktova became part of the Ministry of Agriculture, and he was made minister and deputy chairman of the RSFSR Council of Ministers. In 1959, Benedictine was again sent as ambassador to India, and in 1967 in Yugoslavia. In 1970 he returned to Moscow, where he became an ambassador for emergency orders. In 1971 he retired.