Ivan Belorussov

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Citizenship: Russia


Born into a peasant family in Ust-Sysolsk have. Vologda Province. Educated in St. Petersburg History and Philology in-ones. Teacher Arkhangelsk gymnasium (1877), the gymnasium at the History and Philology in-ones book. Bezborodko Nizhyn (1879), then, obviously, the Warsaw High School. Director Orel gymnasium (1884), member of the scientific archival commission Oryol and Oryol Church Historical and Archaeological Society. Published in "Russian Journal of Philology" (Warsaw), "Philological notes" (Voronezh), "Journal of the Ministry of Education", "Russian Gazette" and several others. Editions. His fundamental work "Textbook porusskoy grammar" was awarded the Prize of Peter the Great (by 1916 survived 26 ed.). Belarus was also the author repeatedly republished popular textbooks of literature theory.

He took an active part in the organization and operation of OSZP, was a member of a special committee of the literary body of the Union newspaper "Orel it."

Ivan ShmelevPosle revolution had been confiscated in the Eagle House, the library, the capital of the bank. During the Civil War he lived in Alushta in the country. His last days described the great witness of the writer IS Shmelev in his book "The Sun of the Dead." When the Bolsheviks of Belarus was nearly shot, terrible poverty, starving, begging. "This is my dear ... the name of Christ to beg! Do not shame me this old man, and well ... the Lord has allowed to take a feat: to wake the people of Christ, "- he said. However, he said Shmelev, every day in spite of the weakness and hunger work. "The last book was finishing a plan ... finish ... every day working with the dawn, for four hours. Weak ... In the Soviet kitchenette go, cooks swear ... PCMF will when, and no bread ... "However, its materials and the works were not needed a new government (" commissioners wrote ... no one do not care ... ") he appointed a meager pension. His death Shmelev described as: "the old man died yesterday - beat him cook. Buckets on the head was beaten in the Soviet kitchen. Tired of your old man a bowl of them, whining, trembling: he smelled death. Now is calm - until the next century. Amen".


Reading and analysis of literary samples in secondary schools. Warsaw, 1880;

The beginnings of Russian literary criticism. Vol. 1-2. Voronezh, 1888-1890;

Training and teaching notes. 2nd ed. Eagle 1895;

The syntax of the Russian language in Potebni studies. Eagle, 1902;

Short Russian Grammar with the addition of the necessary information on the Church Slavonic language. Ed. 2nd, rev. and ext. Eagle 1904;

Textbook on Russian grammar. Ed. 26th Ispra. Eagle 1916;

Textbook Theory of Literature. Ed. 32nd. MG-PP 1918, etc.