Isayayas Afefork

Picture of Isayayas Afefork

Place of birth: Asmara

Nationality: Eritrea


The most militant leader of the Black continent - the so called president of Eritrea in Africa. In less than seven years in power (after Ethiopia voluntarily provided nezavisismost Eritrea) Afefork not only managed to quarrel with all its neighbors, but also started a war against former allies - Ethiopia. This bloody conflict lasted for two years.

Isaias Afefork was born in 1945 in Asmara (Eritrea). In 1964-1965-e he studied at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Addis Ababa. Since 1966 - member of the guerrilla war for independence of Eritrea, the Eritrean Liberation Front member (EFO). In the same year, he received military training in China.

Since 1969 - Chief of EFO. In 1970, after the split in the EFO has participated in the creation of Eritrean People`s Liberation Front (EPLF). From 1987 to 1994 - Secretary General of the EPLF, the commander of the armed forces of the EPLF.

Since 1991 - General Secretary of the Interim Government of Eritrea, the chairman of the State Council (parliament). May 19, 1993 elected to parliament for the post of the President of Eritrea. He - the prime minister and the chairman of the ruling People`s Front for Democracy and Justice (the EPLF was renamed in 1994).

By religion - Christian. Married.